The Opportunity to Change

The definition of change is: make or become different, take or use another instead.

Large changes as an adult is a terrifying thing sometimes.
The unknown is the main cause for worry in my opinion.

Naturally, change scares me to no end, especially the large life decisions. It is a necessary evil when it comes to adulting, this is one of the adultiest things you can adult about…and it’s time for me to adult.

Will the change be successful? Fulfilling? Gratifying? Fun? Worthwhile? Better than what I have/do/think right now? Weighing the odds on all of those questions is the hardest part.
Trusting that the change is for the better is a huge leap of faith in yourself.

What happens if you make the wrong decision and life changes in a way you didn’t expect it to?
What happens if you make the right decision and life changes in a way you didn’t expect it to?
See what I did there? One word makes all the difference in your outlook on something that scares the bajesus out of you.

Some people are too scared to change, too set in their ways and would rather play it safe. Some people are a bit more reckless and take every opportunity to change they can find. Then some are never given the opportunity to change, whether it be their doing or not.

The opportunity is there…do you reach out and take it?

Concentrating on Being Scattered & Nuts

The days blend into each other and the weeks have done the same.
Concentrating is something that needs improvement.
So does advanced planning.
Add daily planning to that list.

Work has been nuts, in a good way.
My personal life has been nuts, in a good way.
Thoughts have been scattered, kind of in a good way.

For now I am getting through each day successfully without forgetting anything too important.
I need to focus on certain areas of my life more often and more intensely.

I’m working on it.
For now, I’ll leave you with this picture from my flight down to Florida on Thursday.
Simply gorgeous.
2017-01-19 13.14.24

That Time When I Made A Paperweight

My job is essentially an event planning position. My title doesn’t state anything about events, but the bulk of my job is hosting various functions for alumni to enjoy. I hold a lot of receptions where I oversee everything from the front door check-in, to making sure the food is being brought out properly. Some of the events that I plan enable to me to be a part of the fun.  I love so much of my job and love how many different things I have been able to be a part of in the last seven years, but Thursday is one of my favorites.
My nursing alumni went glassblowing at Gathered Arts Gallery in downtown Toledo. We pre-selected a paperweight for our group to make. After an intro to safety and procedures, we were let lose to create our own masterpiece.

I am twisting the molten glass to create a chaotic design with the colors I selected for my paperweight. The gallery employees had a fantastic system in place to keep us safe and away from third degree burns. I did all of my ‘design’ work from this little bench. They taught us how to use each tool, and when. My giant tweezers helped me to twist and poke at the soft state of the glass. 2015-04-09 20.01.01After I felt my design was chaotic enough, he gathered more glass to encase what I created. We rolled this in the giant wooden spoon to mold the glass into a circular shape.
2015-04-09 20.03.20 After the glass was circular in shape, I used even larger tweezers to lightly crimp the glass beneath my paperweight. This process involved me applying extremely light pressure on the tweezers that pinched the glass, tapering it from the steel pole.2015-04-09 20.04.44 After they removed my paperweight from the pole, they smoothed the end that was just attached because it had jagged edges. 2015-04-09 20.06.09 Aside from the burning hot orange color, you can maybe see my color selections a little. Maybe?
I picked a bright orange and a dark blue. 2015-04-09 20.06.56I can’t wait to see what my colors and my design look like!
Glassblowing was terribly easy at this gallery and my group of alumni had an absolute blast! Glass takes over 24 hours to cool down, so I wouldn’t be able to pick up my piece until today, but I am in Iowa until Tuesday so I will pick mine up on Wednesday. So we’ll all have to wait until then to see my masterpiece!

Have you ever taken part in glassblowing?
What did you make?


Wednesday’s Stray Thoughts – Florida & The Plumber

I am heading to Florida on Friday for two work events this weekend. Yes, I’m going to Florida, but I’ll be there for work. I have very little time to actually enjoy what Florida has to offer, but at least I’ll have warm weather to enjoy!

I am probably most excited to get up on Saturday and get a run in. I am only going to run six or seven miles, but there is a great park only miles from my mom’s house and it is beautiful to run there. I ran there last year at this time and loved it! The park has a long causeway that ends at a small oval shaped beach. It is surrounded by beautiful water views. If I lived by the water, I would run there every single day. 2015-02-18 09.04.24I also found this article on the 30 Convincing Reasons to Start Running Now. I especially love #14, run outside, which I will essentially accomplish on Saturday with my run in Florida. #19, run with your dog, Bo loves to run with me! Finally, #26, it is a great stress reliever, thankfully. I can’t even begin to tell you how a run has helped me not hit someone in the face with a hammer.

I had to have a plumber come out yesterday. I have had a plumber out for three years in a row now for the laundry room plumbing. In 2013, Jeff and I had just returned from a mini-vacation when we discovered the drain pipe had frozen. In 2014, the drain was fine, but the hot and cold water pipes froze. This year, our hat trick, really was fun. The drain pipe AND both water pipes froze. Yup. The plumber charged me an arm, a leg and a kidney. He had to open up the drywall even more to gain access to the spot in the drain pipe where it froze. He gave me a few tips and I think I’ll be able to handle this on my own if it happens again.
Our pipes are on an exterior wall and there is plenty of insulation surrounding them. The way they are situated, there is a lot of cold air that gets to them. I need to do a MUCH better job at watching the weather forecast. When it his 25* I need to put the washer hoses on a slow drip. Just another reason why being an adult is stupid.

Why do you think that being an adult is stupid?

A few additional thoughts on that include paying bills, not being able to take a mid-day nap, working during the summer and not being able to eat whatever I want and not gain any weight.

A Missed Anniversary?!

I was in Mobile, Alabama over the weekend to attend the GoDaddy Bowl with work. We took a charter plane full of alumni and friends and spent three days enjoying the area. When we were gone I forgot about my 7th blogiversary!


January 3 marked the end of the 7th year of my blogging. My corner of the internet has changed quite a bit, and I may  have a few more changes planned for 2015. I never thought that I would still be writing years later, but I find that it calms me and generally helps to keep me from stabbing people on the street. I have worked with some amazing companies, met some fantastic online friends and I’ve been able to dream of a life where writing is my full-time job.

One of the things that I would like to accomplish this year is to devote more time and energy into making There Are Two Sides a stellar place to visit.
Happy Blogiversary to me!
Thank you for visiting and keeping me going for 7 years!


When I am Forced to Skip a Run

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I am still in Mobile, Alabama for The GoDaddy Bowl for work. We have had two full days of activities and I am exhausted, but in a good way. Today we have our alumni pregame event and the bowl game itself! Our plane leaves directly after the game to fly home and we aren’t going to land in the airport until after 4:00 a.m., so today is shaping up to be a long day!

I brought my running gear to get my 5-miler in this morning, but after searching high and low, there is not one area to run within miles of here. I do not have access to a car and the area I am in is HIGHLY pedestrian-UNfriendly. There aren’t crosswalks or sidewalks within a half mile of the hotel. I am not going to risk running in this kind of an area at all. I will squeeze in my run tomorrow afternoon, at home, where I know it is safer.

I have seen some seriously amazing things during this work trip and I can’t wait to show you what they are. But my time is limited and I will leave you with this picture of a stealth plane that I saw at the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park. Seriously badass…

2015-01-03 11.37.05

I hope that your New Year has been wonderful!

Welcoming the New Year…from Alabama


It was announced on Sunday that The University of Toledo will be playing in the GoDaddy Bowl on January 4.
This is fantastic news because the bowl game isn’t over Christmas, forcing me to be away from home. I get a relaxing holiday at home with my family, then I spend three days in Mobile for work. I like that trade off.

Typically, my office isn’t allowed to make any travel arrangements or plans in December until after our bowl game has been announced. So, the bowl game we play in has a drastic affect on holiday plans. Now I am free to make plans and take *gasp* days off of work to relax!!! Let the planning commence!

Have you ever had a job where your holiday plans were based on anything like this?
Do you watch any bowl games each year?