Monday’s Motivation

c7056061bceee70709093e9f1702383aThe only motivation I need is the drive to be better than I was yesterday.
Run the Boy Scout Half Marathon in only eight weeks? Just watch me.
Run the Churchill’s Half Marathon in November? Just watch me.
Kick the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon‘s ass on April 23, 2017? Just watch me.
Continue to lift heavy and hopefully get cut af sometime? Just watch me.

No Running Allowed

The title kind of says it all, right? I returned to physical therapy today after being told to skip it a few days due to some ridiculous injury to my knee. No running. None. I did run a few weeks ago. Twice. It felt fantastic, no pain and no swelling. Then my knee decided to act up as I was crossing my legs and I couldn’t bend my knee past 90*, making going down stairs pretty interesting. Today I only completed 25% of the exercises I had in the past. Completely discouraging.No-Running-Pool-Marker-MK-0222I talked to my physical therapist today and he said in his opinion, I should wait another few weeks to run.
WAIT A FEW WEEKS TO RUN. Did anyone but me catch that? That means I don’t get to run the Ohio Michigan 8k, one of my favorite races to run every year.¬†2016-06-22 16.05.30I get it. It’s for the best to keep my knee healthy for the long run, not just right now. I need to work on building strength and then get back to running. I am running the Boy Scout Half Marathon on September 3, soooo I need to start running in time to train for that.

Knee surgery #6 can suck it.

Gaining Confidence & A Hold On Running

I haven’t hid the fact that I gained around 12 pounds during marathon training from January – April. Why did I gain so much (11% of my body weight)? Because I ate everything and anything all the time. And it was fantastic.
BUT, now I am paying for eating all the things as I am trying to lose all the extra weight. Story of everyone’s life, right?¬†Eating all the things…losing all the weight.

Today I am 5 weeks post-op from knee surgery #6 and I have been feeling great. I have been allowed to run twice; a half mile then a full mile. My knee felt great both times and physical therapy has been going really well.
My knee felt great right up until this morning.
I woke up with a stabbing pain and wasn’t really able to straighten my leg. It has remained like that almost all day…still hurts to straighten. Someone very close to me who has my best interests in mind asked me to chill on the running to rest my knee for a little while and I’m honoring the request. So, I’ll wait a little more to get back to running. I do still have time to get in race shape for my next race in July.

I am still not back to any significant kind of cardio, so I’ve been lifting 6 days a week for the past 4 weeks. Because of my time in the gym, I have seen some great gains, and I am incredibly thankful for that. In my bicep, tricep, lat and delt I have a 2″-3″ increase in muscle in each area since I started lifting in 2014. Okay, sure, a little of it is leftover running body fat, but there is essentially an ass ton of muscle living inside my arm and shoulder and back.
2016-06-08 21.01.01The muscle gains help take my mind off of the whole lack of running thing.
The downfall of larger arms and shoulders is that my clothes fit differently. Namely button down shirts. I don’t wear them often at all, but the two that I did own wouldn’t even button due to my gains. I didn’t necessarily like those shirts anyways, and it’s awesome they don’t fit anymore, but I hope this doesn’t happen to too many shirts. Luckily, I typically wear t-shirts and t-shirts love gains!

Happy Hump Day Pump Day!