First Anniversary Celebration

Last Friday started out as a normal day. Got up, went to work, worked.
I was on the hunt for a new restaurant for Jeff and I to try for our first anniversary. Our actual anniversary was on August 18, but we were both busy the next two nights, so we had to celebrate on Friday. I emailed Jeff a list of about 10 restaurants that I wanted to try.
His reply back to me: I’ve got this taken care of. Come home after work. Pack an overnight bag.

Naturally my head started spinning of the many places that he would surprise me with an overnight. I started guessing.
Ann Arbor?  No.
Cedar Point?  No.
Put-In-Bay?  No.
I sat here stumped.
He offered to give me a hint. He sent me a picture. I promptly Google searched that picture and found out where he was taking me.

Windsor, Ontario in Canada.

We only live 45ish minutes from the Canadian border so this wasn’t some far away trip, but we had never been to Canada together.  I was so excited that I ended up leaving work a few hours early, this meant that we could hang out in Canada a few extra hours as well.

We have two ways to enter Canada from Detroit. The Ambassador Bridge or the tunnel. We chose the tunnel on the way over.

2013-08-16 18.22.39

We made great time over the border and we were excited to be on foreign soil.

2013-08-16 18.35.49

We knew right where the hotel was and it was very easy to get to. In theory. Windsor was currently setting up for Baloonapalooza. Not balloons actually, but it is large inflatables. SO, a lot of the streets were already closed off for vendors to set up early for the festival. After we made a few trips around the block, we were finally in our room. We had some gorgeous views of Detroit from our room. Who would have thought that the Detroit skyline would be so pretty?
2013-08-16 19.05.05 2013-08-16 19.05.08 2013-08-16 19.07.57Our room was really nice as well. We weren’t planning on spending time hanging out in it, but it had plenty of space for it. We changed clothes and walked to the park that runs the entire length of the river. It is an extremely well-kept park and there were a lot of residents out using it for various activities. Then the skyline posed with me.
2013-08-16 19.44.39Seriously, look at how gorgeous this park is. Some of the pictures are taken from in the park, and some are taken from inside the hotel the next day.2013-08-16 19.42.35 2013-08-16 19.45.09 2013-08-17 09.49.59 2013-08-17 09.50.14 2013-08-17 09.50.58

Before dinner we walked around to take a look at the inflatables.
2013-08-16 19.56.55 2013-08-16 19.52.56 2013-08-16 19.51.14

I had a few delicious sangria’s with dinner.
2013-08-16 20.24.59 2013-08-16 20.31.34As it got darker this is what our view at dinner changed to.
2013-08-16 21.25.55

We took our time getting up and around on Saturday and had a decent breakfast in the hotel restaurant. We didn’t see anywhere near the hotel that served breakfast. On the way home we chose to take the Ambassador Bridge back into the US.
2013-08-17 12.03.44We had some gorgeous views of the river and both Detroit and Windsor.

2013-08-17 12.04.05


It was a short trip to Canada, but we had a great time and made the most of it! Jeff certainly surprised me with an anniversary overnight, but this just means that every year I’ll expect a huge surprise like this. Ha!

How do you celebrate your anniversary?
Ever been to Canada?

Friday Wants.

A nice long vacation in Cancun.
Cancun (9)
I want to run another marathon in the spring of 2014.
There are a few that I have had my eye on. But I need to see how my half marathons go for my knee this fall. Hopefully well…
I think that I would like to run the Ann Arbor Marathon. It is in early June each year. That gives me plenty of time to train next year.

What do you want??

The True Cost of Veneers.

I’ve had that feeling lately like I am on top of the world, like no harm can come to me, that everything is coming up puppies and candy.
Then it happens.
Yup, it.
That thing that snaps you out of happy town and brings you back to reality.

For me? It was a veneer. I had a veneer snap off yesterday and since my dentist is awesome, I went in right away to have it glued back on. Only there was one problem. This particular veneer had broken off 2-3 times over the course of the last 13 years that I have had them. According to the dentist, this means that it is ‘structurally’ weakened and that it will continue to fall off, only more often now.  Since that would suck and I hate looking like I am missing teeth, they had to order me another veneer. Do you know how much a new tooth costs?  $1000. Seriously. $1000.

Sure as shit I am NOT one of those people who ever has $1000 just lying around. I am a spender, not a saver. So that stupid veneer cost me more than $1000 today. It cost me a Cancun vacation in reality. Jeff and I were toying around with heading to Cancun this year…but that isn’t going to be in the cards anymore.

This definitely snapped me back into reality.

In order to keep me from going stabby on people, I have been trying to focus on all of the good in my life. I know I have a lot of it, but sometimes it is so much easier to focus on the negative and play the ‘fuck my life’ game. A lot of people can’t stop playing the ‘fuck my life’ game and it takes a lot of work to stop playing it really. So I have been trying to be positive about all of this. What is so positive about spending $1000 on a stupid veneer? Well, it won’t fall off anytime soon, it will be much nicer looking than my old one and who needs to go to Cancun anyways…right?

Even though we won’t be going anymore, this will still be on my mind…


Watch Out Las Vegas…


Jeff and I will descend upon Las Vegas within the next week and we need some recommendations.

Where should we eat?
Where should we visit and sightsee (besides the obvious answer: casino’s)?
What should we do so we don’t stab each other in the eye?

We already have plans to wander up and down the strip, stopping in the larger casino’s and sightseeing during the day. At night we hope to have some drinks and not look like 30-something posers at the clubs.  Jeff has never been before and I have only ever been for work, so we are essentially first-timers needing someone to hold our hands to guide us to the best that Las Vegas has to offer.
No, we will not have a car.
No, we are not millionaires. Yet.
So go easy on us.

Give us your favorite of everything Las Vegas!
Thanks everyone!

Wednesday’s Random Thoughts on a Thursday

Just goes to show how out of it I still am since my vacation to the Dominican Republic…I thought it was Wednesday when I was writing this post.  But it is Thursday, and the end of Thursday.  Ugh, my mind is so ridiculously mushy and full of crap right now that I am forgetting little things all over the place.

So I am going to relive my fun from Dominican Republic….right here and now.

Wednesday’s Stray Thoughts

*Is it horrible that I am in love with this? Like, actual love?
My love of organization is drooling over this and figuring out which room I can have this in my own house.  There is something about a bench that you can store things in that gets me all worked up.
*Weddings.  Oy.  Weddings.  I remember how anal organized I was the first time around, with this being the second time around I am already starting to pick up some of my old habits. Note to self: stop.  Now.

* Only 28 days until Jeff and I are whisked away to the Dominican Republic where we will take full advantage of everything that the all inclusive has to offer us.  Namely: snorkeling, alcohol and food.
Did you say swim up bar?

The Recap Edition

I have only 11 days and 20 hours until the starting gun sounds for my first marathon and holy shitballs do I have a case of the ‘OMGWHYTHEHELLAMIDOINGTHIS’.  I am nervous. Very nervous.  And also a tad excited.  The training I have been putting in for the past 3 months had better freaking pay off.  By pay off I mean – I simply want to finish the marathon with a respectable time of under 6 hours.  Yes, that is all I am hoping for is under 6 hours.
In order to psych myself up I have been looking at some past race pictures so I can relive the glory of my Towpath half marathon PR…

That always makes me feel better…Ah….PR’s are such a great mood lifter.

Jeff and I also just got back from the Pigeon Forge, TN area for a long weekend with the kids…they absolutely loved it!  They loved the mountains, the activities and most of all…the hot tub in the cabin!

I’m off to run my last long run before my taper begins…wish me 20 miles of luck!