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This is something that holds true for SO many things in life…not only things that have to do with fitness.

Where I Register for all the Fall Races

Today I signed up for two of my fall races. The MacQueen’s Run for Your Life 10k, 5k & Kids Run and also the Dave’s Turkey Chase 5k run/walk.

I ran the MacQueen’s Run for Your Life 10k in 2014, its Inaugural year, and for the second running in 2015.
2014 – 1:15:12 – 12:07 pace
2015 – 1:06:45 – 10:52 pace
I had a PR of 8:27 in 2015 from my 2014 time and my eyes just about bugged out of my damn head when I saw that. The pace I ran at that race is slower than the pace I have been running all of 2016 so I have high hopes of a 2:45 PR this year.
10k I love a good Thanksgiving morning race!
I call Thanksgiving the cook’s holiday. If you love to cook like I do, then this holiday is always so much fun.
Having a great run in the morning doesn’t make me feel better about rushing home to consume all of the food ever, but it is a great way to get your workout in with over 2,500 running friends in downtown Toledo!
2015 was the inaugural year for Dave’s Turkey Chase 5k run/walk and I ran with a friend of mine and tried to get her a PR in the 5k, but it was a no-go.
So, this year’s race will be a PR for this race and I’d like to PR my 5k time and I know that I can do it!turkeydayWhat fall races do you have planned?

Restoring Endurance With My Heart

I attended my first Dave’s Fall Marathon In Training (MIT) training night last Wednesday. There were five miles on the schedule and I knew for a fact that I wouldn’t be able to run all of them. I haven’t built up my mileage to that point yet. My PT made me promise to take it slow so my knee has time to get used to distance again. I still plan on running with the MIT group as often as possible, but simply altering the training schedule to fit my mileage. At some point in the near future, I’ll be able to match what they’re doing and not have to worry about mileage anymore.
2016-07-27 22.42.42
I walked maybe a mile and a half as a warm up, while the rest of the group ran, and then ran/walked a mile and a half around the track. When I ran, I pushed it and race pace on every lap and then walked every other lap. Plus, it was hot as balls out on Wednesday and I loathe running in the extreme heat more than any other kind of running.
I even worked in three 100 meter sprints – I LOVE sprinting during track workouts and I always sprint to every race finish line.
My knee felt fantastic during the run and after the run.

Know what didn’t?
My heart. Well, there wasn’t any pain, but it isn’t conditioned for running yet. I was winded when my heart rate jumped and that hasn’t been the norm all year.
Taking 2.5 months off for my knee to heal, my heart isn’t used to the increased heart rate. And when my increases is when I have issues. As soon as I have the ticker back on track and increase my mileage, I’ll be unstoppable. I’m stubborn enough that I won’t let it get in my way.

2016 Ohio Michigan 8k

One of my favorite races to run every year is the Ohio Michigan 8k by Dave’s Running. I LOVE this race. It’s always hotter than balls and let’s be honest, the course isn’t the most visually stimulating, but this race is SO much fun. There is an amazing after party with food and drinks and there is also swimming in the quarry for the runners and their families.
With just having my 6th knee surgery there was no way I was running 4.98 miles, especially since I’m only allowed to run 2 miles right now. I didn’t want to miss out on the race or the opportunity to see a lot of the members of my running family in one place. I ran 1.5 miles while my friends were out running the 8k. My run was easy on the knee, no pain, only a little swelling, which is normal. I need to get my heart conditioned to run again. It is getting tired during these short runs.

I don’t have any race pictures, but I do have a few with my running family to remember my great evening.
Here are some of the fantastic members of Team R.I.O.T. from spring Marathon In Training. They helped me find my new pace and were some of the most supportive people I’ve known when it came to helping me through Mercy Health Glass City Marathon training.


My running family is fantastic. Even those who I haven’t ever run with are there to keep me going when the going gets tough. Plus they’re funny as fuck and amazing to hang out with.
That brings me to my best girl here. She has quickly become one of the best people in my life and I thank the internet for letting us start a secret club (sshhhh) and become friends. Plus, she’s freaking adorable and loves to #RunPretty!2016-07-14 21.02.53Even though I didn’t get to run in one of my favorite races, I still had the best time ever enjoying it with my family.

Next race: Boy Scout Half Marathon on September 3, 2016.

No Running Allowed

The title kind of says it all, right? I returned to physical therapy today after being told to skip it a few days due to some ridiculous injury to my knee. No running. None. I did run a few weeks ago. Twice. It felt fantastic, no pain and no swelling. Then my knee decided to act up as I was crossing my legs and I couldn’t bend my knee past 90*, making going down stairs pretty interesting. Today I only completed 25% of the exercises I had in the past. Completely discouraging.No-Running-Pool-Marker-MK-0222I talked to my physical therapist today and he said in his opinion, I should wait another few weeks to run.
WAIT A FEW WEEKS TO RUN. Did anyone but me catch that? That means I don’t get to run the Ohio Michigan 8k, one of my favorite races to run every year. 2016-06-22 16.05.30I get it. It’s for the best to keep my knee healthy for the long run, not just right now. I need to work on building strength and then get back to running. I am running the Boy Scout Half Marathon on September 3, soooo I need to start running in time to train for that.

Knee surgery #6 can suck it.

Who is Sy Mah?

Last night was the Dave’s Marathon In Training‘s final track night of our training season. Completely bittersweet for me. I’m ready for the race to get here finally but I love speed work nights with my group.
We trained at Olander Park in Sylvania. The Mercy Health Glass City Marathon runs the loop around the park during mile 16. At the entrance of the park there is a statue of Sy Mah. Sy is also given recognition each year on the finisher mugs everyone receives at the finish line of each race.
F-Inqueue-SR-StoryArchive-lingemanstatue-jpgI had quite a few teammates question who Sy is and what does he have to do with the Glass City Marathon and Toledo community?

Sy Mah was an influential figure in the running boom of the 1970s. Mah was an assistant professor of physical education at the University of Toledo from 1970 to 1988. Mah did not start running marathons until he was 40, yet at the time of his death in 1988, Mah held the record for the most lifetime marathons at 524.

The Sy Mah Memorial Scholarship at the University of Toledo was established in 1990 by his friends and family with financial support from the Toledo Roadrunners Club. In addition to meeting various academic standards, qualified recipients within the College of Health Science and Human Service are required to be “avid social runners.”

Mah ran the Glass City Marathon several times, including at the inaugural event in 1971. Runners in the Glass City Marathon pass by a life-size statue of Mah in Olander Park. Mah is believed to have said, “I believe Americans have been brainwashed with the idea that they must do less because increased age will result in less energy and diminished capacity. I have found this is simply not true if a person does not allow his mind to accept the traditional view of aging.”

Kind of a Toledo legend and all-around bad ass!
Next time you visit Olander Park or when you run around the park during the marathon on Sunday, say hi to Sy Mah and think of the 524 marathons he ran before his death. Holy geez, think of the number of shoes he went through!

Worst Questions to Ask a Runner & Running Doesn’t Ruin Knees

We runners all have had some pretty stupid questions from people who obviously don’t understand running.
Don’t even get me started on the stupid questions I get from people who have never set foot in a gym and wonder why I want to look like Arnold because I lift.

Here is a fun list of questions that your non-running friends have probably asked you at one point or another.
One of my favorites is ‘How far is your marathon?’

2016-01-22 10.01.27

I also like all the fun questions about running and how it affects knees. Especially since I only have one completely healthy knee.
People still think that running ruins your knees! Running is NOT the reason my knee falls apart every now and then (19 years of wear and tear with surgeries does that, it would happen whether I ran or not).

Here is some info that came from a study published in Medicine & Science in Sport & Exercise that debunks this myth.
Men’s Fitness breaks down the study…
Sure, on a per-step basis, running puts more pressure on your joints compared to walking. But the study, which included almost 75,000 runners, found no evidence that running increases the risk of developing osteoarthritis, even if you bang out marathons on a regular basis. In fact, the research suggests that runners–let’s clarify: Runners who had no previously existing knee problems—actually had a lower risk of developing arthritis compared to less active non-runners.
So, over any given distance, the pounding on a person’s knees was about the same whether they ran or walked.

Wow, right?
So everyone can stop telling me that running is ruining my knee!

What are your favorite running related questions that non-runners ask you?
Or what fun advice to non-runners give you about running?