3 Weeks & 12.25 Miles

Only three weeks until the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon! Most training programs have you starting your taper this week and that is always a good feeling, isn’t it!? Want to know more about the race? Stay tuned because this week you’ll get to know the race inside and out.

My long runs have been epic fails for three of the last four weeks. Before that, my long runs had been right on pace and felt amazing. That was around the time I cut back on my weekday runs due to increased knee pain. I am going to take the old approach this week. I am going to run as much as my knee lets me and see how that affects my long run. It does worry me to an extent that my long runs are not long at all, but I know my body and I know I’ll be okay when I hit the start line. And worst case, if I do something to fuck up my knee any more than it already is, I already have surgery #6 scheduled!

After seeing that my new-ish shoes looked like they had 300+ mile wear at only 120+ miles I bought a new pair and they will be here tomorrow. I don’t want to finish training getting used to a new style of shoe, so I went with the same ones I’ve had, Mizuno Wave Paradox (first generation). I have a 7-miler tomorrow evening and I can’t wait to break in my marathon shoes. I’m still pretty pissed at the extreme wear and tear on my current shoes. Over the past week+ I’ve been trying to pay attention to how I run, and now it makes perfect sense about my wear pattern. I land on my right foot (bad leg) and don’t push off with that foot, I land on my left foot and push off hard with my toes. Check out my wear on my toes. My right shoe has almost no wear at all. I still think running on the track didn’t help in any way when you factor in my extreme left foot push-off.  The wear area is orange…the track is orange…do the math.
With my new pair, I’ll only have three track nights to put on them, so I think they’ll last an appropriate length of time.

2016-01-30 19.22.59

In my six years as a runner, I have never had feet problems. Never blisters (never 1, seriously) and never black toenails. I have had my toenails pull away from my skin to the point where I can trim them down crazy small – I guess this is the equivalent of losing a toenail…just, in stages.
Anyways, starting with my most recent pair of shoes, I started getting blisters on the bottoms of the 3 smallest toes on my left foot – my dominant push-off foot. And as of last week I discovered that I have two grey toenails. Not black, but a nice murky grey. I never had any of this with my old shoes of the same model…I look forward to seeing what my new shoes bring to me.

Monday – 0 miles

Tuesday – 5.25 miles
Speed workout at the Perry Field House on the campus of BGSU (Talons Up!). Our workout for the night went back to Yasso’s (10 x 800). I felt amazing during the Yasso workout, no knee pain at all.

Wednesday – 0 miles

Thursday – 0 miles

Friday – 0 miles

Saturday – 7 miles
Most definitely not the 22 or even the 18 miles I set out to run. On Friday night as I sat at trivia, I started having some of my old sharp heart pain. I wasn’t even moving or exerting myself in any way, except busy crushing game 1 and taking 1st place… I used to have the pain all the time, so it isn’t something that needs attention. Just haven’t had it since 2015 when I started this new med. I thought the issue was gone and over with but in mile two I could feel that it wasn’t the case. The sharp pain was gone, but instead my chest was so tight I couldn’t take a full breath. When that happens I get extremely lightheaded/dizzy. As soon as I slowed down at all, my heart was pumping easier and the dizziness went away. As soon as as I started running again, my heart was pumping horribly inefficiently and the backwards blood flow kept me dizzy.
Top all of that off with some knee pain and it was just a crazy stupid run. Better yet, the knee pain was in an entirely different spot than it has been over the last month. Awesome.

Sunday – 0 miles

The next few weeks are setting up to be stressful, so I hope that my body will let me run so I don’t stab people in the eye with a spork. Monday evening I’ll be at a group run at Dave’s Running Shop in Perrysburg then enjoying a beer (or four) at the Great Black Swamp Brewing Company as they tap Glass City Glory, the wheat beer they brew especially for the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon. LOVE this beer and so excited to have some before the finish line on April 24!

4 Weeks & 8 Miles

It’s not often I say it, but I am extremely ready for my next knee surgery. I am sick of having my knee be an issue with my running schedule because 8 miles is totally ridiculous. Two weeks ago I had the same knee issues and only hit 8 miles, then the next week I killed 15.5 miles. I’m not too worried about not getting to the start line. That is my #1 goal right now – the starting line. After that it’s all mental.

I did discover that my brand new running shoes are already finished. My wear pattern is the same, so I know my gait hasn’t changed at all with my new speed. The issue is that I am missing around 200 miles on my new shoes. After thinking long and hard about this, I truly believe that running on the track did them in. You can easily see the orange tint to my new shoes and the track is bright orange – seems to fit. With how hard I push off with my left foot, it just ripped up the shoes. So, guess who gets to buy new shoes to break in before the race!? By the time I get them, I’ll have 3 weeks to break them in…I hope that is enough time. 2016-03-24 12.07.27

Monday – 0 miles

Tuesday – 3.5 miles
Speed workout at the Perry Field House on the campus of BGSU (Talons Up!). Our workout for the night was 3 x 1600 with 3 min rest (I). I sat out a couple of laps to rest my knee and it was well worth it. Some days I have killer knee pain and some days I don’t. On Tuesday, I didn’t but still played it safe.

Wednesday – 0 miles

Thursday – 0 miles

Friday – 0 miles

Saturday – 0 miles  I had a crazy bad migraine all night and running wasn’t happening. Hell, getting out of bed wasn’t happening.

Sunday – 4.5 miles  Yeah, that is definitely not the 19 miles that were on the schedule. In mile 2 the knee pain started…in a totally new spot than before. A text to my orthpaedic surgeon shed some light that it could be scar tissue build up, plica tissue getting trapped due to inflammation…and a few more maybe’s. But, they are all maybe’s until May the 4th when my knee is cracked open for #6. Either way, I am okay to run on it even with the pain! So, now I just need to grin and bear the pain during my runs.

The long run this coming weekend is 22 miles. This will be a make or break run for me mentally. I know that I can get through the full, my brain is set to it. I just need to prove it to myself that it’ll happen.

6 Weeks & 8 Miles

As of 12 p.m. on Sunday, April 24, I will be enjoying my first beer at the post-race party at the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon. Hopefully it is a successful completion to my marathon training. My training has been great so far, but the last two weeks have been very trying. There has been an obvious change to my knee over these 14 days and I can only hope that it holds out for the remainder of training. My knee pain was so severe this week that I only ran 8 miles. That alone should tell you how bad it was.


Monday – 0 miles

Tuesday – 3 miles
Speed workout at the Perry Field House on the campus of BGSU (Talons Up!). Our workout for the night was 2 x 800 with 3 min rest (I), 1600 with 1 min on/1 min off (I), 2 x 800 with 3 min rest (I). This was one of, if not the, hardest track night we have run to date. My knee started hurting during the second 800 and I sat out 1 200. Then during the 1600, I sat out 2 laps. During the final 800, I only ran 2 laps. The pain was that severe, even walking brought extreme pain. Better luck this week, I hope.

Wednesday – 0 miles

Thursday – 0 miles

Friday – 0 miles

Saturday – 5 miles in Oak Openings Metropark. Yes, 5. 18 on the schedule again but I had that severe knee pain all day Friday and then it was still there on Saturday morning. The kind of pain where, no matter what kind of shoes I was wearing, whenever I set my foot on the ground, I had shooting pain. Best part is that the pain moved from the top of the patella and then to the spot where my tibia is most likely chipping and then into the medial knee area.
My splits weren’t so bad for my 5 miles:
1 – 11:15
2 – 10:51
3 – 10:28
4 – 9:50
5 – 9:39
Negative splits the entire run! Never would have been able to keep up the sub-10 pace, but it was nice to push it for a few miles. My knee hurt the least during my fastest miles.

Sunday – 0 miles

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7 Weeks & 22.25 Miles

So, only 7 weeks away from the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon. 7. Holy hell, 7. This training season has flown by really. I feel like Dave’s Marathon In Training just started a few weeks ago.

This was another week of low mileage. The rest of the group has run around 40 miles this week if they’re following the schedule but with that kind of mileage my knee will have a breakdown at this point. Also, I’m completely scared of having another overuse injury. GCM-ambassador-750-logo

My body felt good this week. My legs have always felt better with lower mileage and now that I’m pretty sure my tibia has started chipping bone, the lower mileage is best.

Monday – 0 miles

Tuesday – 4.25 miles
Speed workout at the Perry Field House on the campus of BGSU (Talons Up!). Our workoutfor the night was 4 x 1200 at I pace with a 3 minute rest in between. The 4:25 pace group was on the inside lanes of the track and the tight corners are murder on my knee. I didn’t get in another run after track night because of the lasting swelling from Tuesday. The run itself went really well and I felt great afterwards. Love track night!

Wednesday – 0 miles

Thursday – 0 miles

Friday – 0 miles

Saturday – 18 miles in Oak Openings Metropark. This was my first long run with the 4:25 pace group. The first 16 miles felt fine, minimal knee pain and my fueling worked perfectly. The final 2 miles? Totally different story. I believe that some of my bone pieces were moving around because the pain I was feeling kept shifting. I ended up walking way too much of those final 2 miles, but it was necessary. I still ended up with a 10:47 pace overall and I think it would have been much lower had the final 2 miles been easier on me. There are some fantastic people in every pace group I’ve run with and the 4:25’s are no different. When I was having knee problems some of my new running family stayed with me to finish the miles.
Even with the lower mileage this week, then plunging into 18 miles, I felt strong. Lower mileage is the way to go for me.
I would much rather be back in Florida for my runs through…2016-03-06 22.18.17

Sunday – 0 miles, my legs were screaming at me from the 18 yesterday

7 weeks people. We’ve gotta keep our heads in the game!
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9 Weeks & 21.5 Miles

Only 9 weeks until the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon!! Have you registered yet?

Thankfully my mileage increased this week, but the bulk of it was my long run.
I didn’t run on Sunday or Monday last week to give my shin splints time to heal a little more. The extra rest paid off. Every time I ran this week I was crazy worried about my shin splints coming back, but I’m fine!
I especially thought it would flare up at the track…I am so happy that I took that week off so that I could come back without issue.GCM-ambassador-750-logo

Monday – No running – forced rest day due to the stupid shin splints

Tuesday – 3.5 miles. Speed workout at the Perry Field House on the campus of BGSU (Talons Up!). Our Yasso for the night was 5 x 1000 with a 1 minutes rest in between. I moved to a different pace group for track night. When I originally joined Dave’s Marathon In Training I was running a pace completely different than I am running now. I ran with the 4:55 pace group for a few weeks on track night and for long runs and found that with my new heart med, I move faster than I ever have before. I ‘outgrew’ the pace of the 4:55 group due to the new med. The next pace group is 4:40 and they have a different track night that I can’t commit to. So, on track night this week I tagged along with the 4:25 group. Their pace at the track is around 9:30 or faster. Hell yeah that worried me, so I expected to hang in the back of the group and serve as the caboose. I actually ended up staying with the group the entire time. Completely impressed with myself, but then again, I love speed work. On track night, I’ll train with the 4:25 group. I can’t run their long runs with them because their pace is just a little too fast for me.

Wednesday – 3 miles. I wanted 6 or 7 miles but my knee had other plans entirely. I couldn’t get my tibia rub to settle down at all and with having just gotten over shin splints, I didn’t want to injure myself again. When I checked my pace I was pretty excited that I ran at a 10:01! Even though my knee ruined the run, my great time really cheered me up.

Thursday – No running – rest day for the knee to heal

Friday – No running – long run in the morning

Saturday – 15 miles. I went out with some friends on Friday night to trivia and had a few beers and also some spicy chicken chunks. Totally not the smartest move, but I wasn’t necessarily worried about it. When I woke up I was worried about it. I ended up having a fantastic run with the 4:40 group. Thank you to the magic of Facebook, I already knew a handful of the people in the group. I ran a pace of 11:01, which is 20 seconds slower than race pace for the 4:40 group. Long runs should be around a minute slower than your race pace. I know that I can’t run a full with 10 minute miles, but I would be happy with a pace of 10:20 per mile or faster-that puts me on course for a 4:30 pace. In between the 4:25 and 4:40 groups race pace. This run felt fairly effortless and I am surprised by that. There were only a few miles where I didn’t feel my best, but they passed quickly.

Sunday – No running – walking was my least favorite thing – the DOMS!!!

I am watching my legs closely so I don’t have another overuse injury. I cannot afford to miss any more training.

The long run this week is 16 miles…I’ll be in Florida for work, so I am going to run them down there. SO excited for this! It will be around 50* when I start my run and I’ll finish around 60*. I’ll take it!

12 Weeks & 20 Miles

I had a decent week up until Saturday when it came to training. My heart has been feeling fantastic and my knee hasn’t hurt horribly since the 10-Miler last weekend. I’m missing mileage this week and it is driving me crazy. I hate not running the miles on my calendar. But the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon is in 12 weeks so I need to make sure I stay positive about the miles I am putting in and not negative about the ones I had to miss…even though I can’t do that right now.GCM-ambassador-750-logo

Monday – I ran 1 mile to test my knee out. With my crazy painful swelling on Sunday at the Dave’s 10-Miler race, I wanted to make sure that I’d be able to live through speed work.

Tuesday – Speed workout at the Perry Field House on the campus of BGSU (Talons Up!).  4 miles. We ran 12 x 400s. Could have gone faster but still didn’t want to push the knee. I have to be careful…

Wednesday – Group run at Fallen Timbers with the pace group. I took my boy with me and had a great 3.5 miles together.
2016-01-27 19.32.47

Thursday – 5 miles with a few sole sisters at Fallen Timbers

Friday – Took a 1 mile shake out run for the knee.

Saturday – I had the worst night’s sleep. I had a migraine that wouldn’t die at all. When I woke up for the Marathon In-Training group run I couldn’t even fathom putting in my contacts, let alone running 12 miles. Nothing fun happened on Saturday except my new Mizuno Wave Paradox shoes came!!!! My meds had finally kicked my migraine down to a horrible headache so I ran 2 miles to test out the shoes. And side by side, take a look at how dirty these fuckers are! Eeewww.2016-01-30 18.35.19

Sunday – I met two of my sole sisters to run the miles I missed on Saturday. My head was not in the game. My headache was still pounding and it wasn’t having the run. Only managed 3.5 miles out of the 12 on my schedule. FAIL.

I’m hoping that the 32 miles on the schedule will work out for me this week. I HATE not being able to do what I need to do. Week 12 – bring it.

My Running Pet Peeve

One of the things about running that makes my skin crawl, for some reason, is ending my mileage on a random number. I prefer to end my run on a whole mile, and worst case, on a half mile.

Last night at Dave’s Marathon In Training speed work night at the BGSU Perry Field House (Talons Up!) I ran 12 x 400s. Their indoor track is 200 meters in one lap around and 8 laps is 1 mile. This means during the training itself I ran 24 laps, which is 3 miles. I also ran 6 laps prior to the training laps, which is .75 miles and makes my total mileage for the evening is 3.75 miles.2016-01-16 20.13.45

My Garmin was a little testy last night and was off on my mileage. Once I did the math on my mileage I realized I was .25 short of a full mile. What did I do? What any neurotic runner who can’t end on a funky number would do…I ran .25 miles up and down my street when I got home. I had to round it out to hit 4 miles or else it would have driven me nuts all night.

Does anyone else suffer from the need to end on a full or half mile?