Semi-Realistic Resolutions

Let’s be honest…almost no one actually keeps their New Year’s resolutions. The end of your year is full of hopes and dreams left over from the holiday season and that lead you to believe you can accomplish anything over the next 365 days.
Fly to the moon? Sure!
Run 43,909 miles? Sure!
Walk from Maine to Russia? Sure!
Don’t eat any processed sugar? Sure!

I think that everyone is still laid up from their holiday pie and cookie hangover and good decisions are never made with a food hangover. Realistic resolutions are never realistic, no matter how reasonable they seem to be.
Semi-realistic…this is more accurate.
SO many resolutions can be met but people are lazy. Yeah, I called most people lazy. Me included. Lazy is a sport and I am a gold medal winner. No, really, I’m extremely motivated but when the couch calls, I listen.

I am going to keep it real for 2017.

In and out…all year. This is realistic.

Meal prep and meal plan more often.
In order to drop this 10# I put on in 2016 (because, fuck 2016), I need to keep my diet nice and tight. I crush the exercise part but food is way too good so I need to prep in order to be successful in any way. I am a bit of an over eater when I don’t prep and plan. This is semi-realistic.

I just need to run more. Easy enough. No set mileage (because then I’ll fail), no set number of days a week to run (because then I’ll fail)…so, just run more often. This is realistic.
1097210Spend more time with Bo
Umm, nailed it. Super realistic.

More time with the weights
I have slacked with the gym time over the last few months compared to how I was rocking it pre-fall, but I know that I can get back there easily. Gym more…realistic. But, as anyone who goes to the gym who isn’t a cardio bunny knows, an empty gym is one of the best things you can ever see.21173c110658fe2ffaa0c392d5be2b7b

Most of my semi-realistic resolutions could be accomplished with consistency, especially the breathing one.

Any semi-realistic resolutions you plan on maybe keeping in 2017?

Ugh, Adulting

I feel like all I have been doing lately is adulting without much time to spare for myself.
I have mega slacked at the gym.
I have super crazy mega slacked with running.
I have been horrible at meal prep.
I have been really horrible at keeping Bo busy and taking him for walks.
I have had a large lack of sleep and not taking the time to replenish it.

Ugh, adulting.

At Home Out on the Road

I went to college intending to study environmental science.
I thought I wanted to study in this field because being outdoors is one of my favorite places to be. After taking a few environmental science courses I knew I was meant to be there.
Then after actually researching the field, I realized just how much science is involved. You would think that the word science in the name would tip me off, but I never claimed to be smart. After combing through the entire catalog of majors at my University, I found one that spoke to me, even more than environmental science did. It involves outdoor recreation and environmental education, things I value highly to my happiness. The best part? It involved almost no science what so ever!

After spending time staring at the New River Gorge Bridge in West Virginia, all of the feels about being outdoors took over again. My current job, that I love, is mostly a desk job and doesn’t really fit with the field I have my degree in, in the sense that it is indoors. If I had the chance one day to work outdoors in the recreation field, I just may jump at it. NW Ohio isn’t a hot bed in this field though.

Last weekend I was in West Virginia on a mini vacation and visited New River Gorge National Park and visited one of the famous sights of the park: the New River Gorge Bridge. I read that two Statues of Liberty can be stacked on top of the Washington Monument and there will still be room to spare underneath the bridge. It is amazing to think of the size of this bridge that spans the gorge. 2016-10-28-08-55-15 The entire park was majestic with the changing of the leaves for the season. There were hints of color that glowed when the sun peeked through the clouds. The sweeping views throughout the park were too much to fully take in during one short trip. 2016-10-28-09-11-15My absolute favorite place in the park that we saw was Sandstone Falls. I could have sat and enjoyed the falls for hours. Hearing the water run over the rocks and breathing in the fresh air was simply intoxicating. This is one of the reasons I feel at home when I’m outdoors. The beauty of the world around us is something I don’t take for granted and that is one reason that I wanted a degree in a field that allowed me to take advantage of this. 2016-10-28-12-34-35It also helps that I had the best company while I enjoyed these fantastic sights in West Virginia. Having people you care with around you makes the places you feel at home feel even more comfortable.
Vacations have a great way of soothing the soul.

New River Gorge National Park

I visited my first National Park in August and I realized I need to get to more of them. I’ll be road tripping this weekend to Charlotte and as we pass through West Virginia, we’ll make a stop to New River Gorge National Park.
The NP is well known for the New River Gorge Bridge (seen below).
Seeing as it is so late in October, I’m hoping that the foliage is displaying beautiful color


There are also some great hikes to waterfalls and what I’m sure are sweeping vistas. We only have a few hours to take in all we can (twss) at the park, so I, being the nerdy over planner I am, am making notes on the spots in the park that would be clutch to visit.

Have you ever visited this park?
What National Parks have you been to that you love?


That’s the number of days until Christmas.
Yeah, that’s right, I said Christmas. The boyfriend mentioned it last night and it got my mind spinning.
Seems so far away but I’m pretty sure those 81 days are going to jet past, especially since Thanksgiving is only 50 days away. The entire holiday season is so fantastic to me. I am that person who listens to Christmas music all the damn time and I think I become a happier person, too. The majority of the decent people in the world are just in a better mood overall and we don’t have enough of that as it is.
I love Christmas, but Thanksgiving is the holiday for cooks. I am most definitely one of those people who loves getting up before the sun and starting to make dinner. I make every single thing from scratch. You name it, I made it from the ground up, so to speak. The main reason to cook everything for the holiday is the after party. Something I simply call The Thanksgiving Sandwich. A sandwich so delicious that Joey Tribbiani would approve of it

I buy some sourdough bread, cook it grilled cheese style with the following on it:
A layer of gravy on each slice
Then a layer of mashed potatoes on each slice
Next a layer of stuffing
Some turkey in the middle
Then cook that baby up and you’ll slip into the most exquisite food coma you’ve ever had from Thanksgiving. I don’t know if it is possible to get more carbs in this sandwich, but if you think you need more carbs in your diet I’m sure you can throw something else from the holiday meal in the sandwich. I am not a cranberry person, but I know people who like cranberry relish/jelly/ or whatever the fuck you eat with cranberries in it on their sandwich.

I mean, is this not absolutely amazing looking?
Be warned that we can’t be friends anymore if you don’t think this looks damn good.

What is your favorite holiday?

When Your Body Kind of Falls Apart

2016 has been an interesting year for me, health-wise.
It seems like all of the things that have gone wrong in the past, are reprising their role this year. Nothing extreme, and I’m happy it’s all happening at once because that means I’ll be fit as a fiddle soon enough, because everyone knows how fit fiddles are.

*The first week of the year I had a double ear infection, sinus infection and bronchitis. During this week I ended up rupturing an ear drum, because that’s what all the cool kids do and I always like to keep up with the Joneses. My Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) doctor said that due to my history of ear issues as a child, if the ear drum didn’t heal itself, I’d need an adult ear tube.

*From January to May I fought against my bad knee to try and get through Mercy Health Glass City Marathon training. I already had surgery #6 planned on May 4th, and that went extremely well. My knee is feeling absolutely fantastic since I started running again and other than minor issues, I don’t have to worry about it anymore

*I had crazy success with my new heart med that I began taking around Christmas 2015. I am now 2 minutes per mile faster due to my heart being able to regulate my mitral valve regurgitation more efficiently. Two minutes, yeah, that’s a shit ton and any runner will understand that is a huge deal. It happened in under three weeks and shocked the hell outta me. When I took a few months off of running for my knee to heal, my heart fell out of shape when it came to cardio. I am now retraining my heart to pump efficiently so I don’t feel like I’m going to pass out when I am running. A work in progress currently.

*Just over a week ago I woke up unable to move freely due to my herniated disc in my lower spine. Who the hell knows what I did when I was sleeping that it was so fierce to me. It did go away within five days, but it was a pain that forced me to couch for two days straight. Know what initially caused my disc to slip? Losing 40 pounds. No, seriously. My spine was so used to me being heavier and I when dropped the weight it was shocked and the disc slipped out of place. Crazy, right? I haven’t had any spine issues in over a year and a half, and this was minor so I’m not too worried about this at all.

*When visiting the ENT last week I told him my ear drum didn’t feel any better eight months later and we decided I need an ear tube. My ear drum is concave towards the inner ear and it should be flat…like a drum. This means that I have a certain amount of pressure that is living behind my ear drum. Since it hasn’t gotten any better (and won’t get any better if it hasn’t already) and I’ve had such crazy ear issues in the past, it means a minor surgery. October 17th will be the day for me. I really can’t wait because it feels like my ear needs to pop ALL THE FUCKING TIME. There are times that there is a little bit of pain there, too, but mostly just constant pressure. It is also hard to hear clearly out of that ear.

My medical background is lengthy, right? And that’s just this year.
I am due for a break soon.

The Excitement Builds

Tomorrow is half sleeve session #2 and I couldn’t be more excited right now!
It’s still weird thinking that I’ll never see my bare skin again. I’m happy that I took a pic of my left arm the day of the first session so I can see the progress from start to finish. The first session was on August 9 and the pictures below are before (obviously), right before he started to tattoo my arm and then the finished product after one day.2016-08-30 21.33.26Tomorrow will bring a lot of color to the sunset over the water portion and then some flower coloring, too.
I selected the pansies that I want etched on my arm and I couldn’t be happier with what I found.
Here is what I’m going with…and the colors aren’t really showing on screen the same way they look in person, but you get the gist of it.
2016-08-30 22.01.00Can’t wait for more progress pictures tomorrow!