Well, Hear This & I Need Binge Watching Recommendations

This past Monday, I had surgery on my left ear. It was a follow-up surgery from the tube I had put in this past October. I had significant enough hearing loss post-surgery that it needed to be checked out. During the operation he found another hole in my ear drum that was not found during the first surgery (and wouldn’t have been).

The tube was removed and the holes in my ear drum were patched with some skin from just inside my ear. Pretty bad ass if you ask me, but it would be even better if I could see in there myself. I would love to see what it looks like right now. Being overly Type A most of the time, I am stressed about the entire situation. I have no clue what a normal recovery process is for this kind of surgery, and I am going nuts with every change that I encounter.

As of today, my pain is a little more fierce and my hearing level has gone from (what feels like) around 40% of normal to 10% of normal. I assume it is just from swelling and healing, but if I still have this level of hearing loss tomorrow morning, I’ll be worried. I mean, I like hearing and all, and after 35 years I feel like I’ve almost mastered it.

I also feel totally debilitated when it comes to things like this. I can’t do anything about it and I have no idea what to expect. I am trying to get out each day to keep up with chores, errands, and to keep my energy levels up but it is all crazy exhausting.

I’m not allowed to gym or run until I’m healed and it’s driving me batty. Just today, my newest issue that freaks me out, is that the vision in my left eye is…off. I put my contacts in as I do every day and I thought that it was just old, so I put another one in. I had the same issue with that one and decided to try a third. At that point, I took the hint that it was my eyesight. I haven’t had issues with my contacts/eyesight in a million years. There is no way it is just a simple coincidence, right? Ear swelling/surgery and sight issues…

I’ll just wait for the pain to stop, the swelling to go away, my hearing to return, and life to get back to normal. Until then, I’m having huge trouble finding something to binge on Hulu or Netflix!!
Recommendations, please!

The Opportunity to Change

The definition of change is: make or become different, take or use another instead.

Large changes as an adult is a terrifying thing sometimes.
The unknown is the main cause for worry in my opinion.

Naturally, change scares me to no end, especially the large life decisions. It is a necessary evil when it comes to adulting, this is one of the adultiest things you can adult about…and it’s time for me to adult.

Will the change be successful? Fulfilling? Gratifying? Fun? Worthwhile? Better than what I have/do/think right now? Weighing the odds on all of those questions is the hardest part.
Trusting that the change is for the better is a huge leap of faith in yourself.

What happens if you make the wrong decision and life changes in a way you didn’t expect it to?
What happens if you make the right decision and life changes in a way you didn’t expect it to?
See what I did there? One word makes all the difference in your outlook on something that scares the bajesus out of you.

Some people are too scared to change, too set in their ways and would rather play it safe. Some people are a bit more reckless and take every opportunity to change they can find. Then some are never given the opportunity to change, whether it be their doing or not.

The opportunity is there…do you reach out and take it?

You do an Eclectic Celebration of the Dance!

Every now and then I clean out my Chrome bookmarks and I came across this gem.
Whenever I need a good laugh, I play this scene from The Birdcage.
It is absolutely epic and always cracks me up.

Man do I miss Robin Williams.

Throwback Thursday

I was digging into the bowels of the blog and I decided to be nostalgic and turn back to the first year I was sharing bits of my life with the world. In January 2008 I decided to start writing. Why? Because I thought it would make me rich and famous. Yeah right, I’m not delusional, I just like to write and I didn’t fail that class in school.

In February 2008 I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite junk foods, and in reading them again, I still eat all three.

In quite possibly, the world’s most perfect food, I wax poetic about one of my favorite foods ever. Cereal.
I typically have no less than four varieties of cereal in my house. Living alone, this may seem like a lot, but here’s the thing with delicious cereal – there is no such thing as too much.
Currently I’m smashing:
– Cocoa Puffs
– Cinnamon Toast Crunch
– Capt’n Crunch with Crunch Berries (The crunch berries are not an option here. They are essential to the integrity of the cereal)
Blueberry Pancake Capt’n Crunch (Quite possibly one of the best cereals I have ever had. Seriously. They legit taste just like blueberry pancakes. They’re a limited edition )
– Apple Jacks (Current alternate to Froot Loops, a staple)
I peruse the cereal aisle during every single trip to the store and have to talk myself out of buying a box every time. The cereal lust is real.

In they don’t count as real fruit, I speak of another of my true loves, fruit snacks. Fruit snacks used to be a major food group to me. If I let it happen now, they would be again. I try and limit my fruit snack consumption since they aren’t real fruit. There have been large advances in fruit snack sciences where some of them are actually full of a shit ton of fruit. They are super delicious and I love them just as much as I do breathing, just not the higher price tag. I am not made of money so taking out a loan for them doesn’t really sound idea.

And lastly I focused on something so delicious that it’s surprising that most people overlook it as snacking perfection. after all, they are America’s favorite announces my love of…marshmallows to the world. Marshmallows are absolutely one of my favorite snack foods, that I don’t buy all that often since I eat all of them in the shortest time frame possible. I don’t fancy the flavored ones, but the fluff and the mini ones are ideal for growing my ass unnecessarily.

What are some of your favorite junk foods?

Reinventing Myself

It has been a few years since I had outgrown my previous blog name and focus. I tried to think of a new name and a new way to write. I needed something that represented my interests over the past few years as well as current interests.

When I started writing nine years ago, I didn’t have anything in mind to cover except for my everyday life.
That life was forced and faked.
That life had a lot of pain.
That life was controlled and manipulated.

My new life is something that I’m happy to be living. My new life is something that I have control over and no one else can take that away from me.

Something as simple as changing my blog name and focus helps me to retain that control over my life. It helps me to shed the issues from my past and remind me that I am loved.

I have people in my life who respect me and the things I want to accomplish. My goals and aspirations are just as important to them as they are to me. Best of all, I respect myself now.

Bodybuilding and running are only two of the many ways that I show myself respect.
I have a family and friends who are always at my side and have my back.
But the biggest surprise of 2016 was meeting someone who makes me want to be a better person in every way. He has shown me what life should be like with someone by my side, supporting my every decision.

Reinvention is complete is so many ways. 🙂


Good News Everyone

Finally, something fun to report for the first time in a while.

My back is feeling better. I have had three pain-free days and if it continues through tonight and tomorrow then I’m running and hitting the gym this weekend. Gotta get my butt off the couch and doing something productive for myself, I feel like a sloth. And I have a half marathon to train for…

Being sidelined by any kind of injury is something that can kill your spirit and make laziness fun in a way. I can’t tell you how much Netflix I have watched recently in the time that I would typically be at the gym or running.

I can’t wait to get back out on the streets (to run) and in the gym again.

Concentrating on Being Scattered & Nuts

The days blend into each other and the weeks have done the same.
Concentrating is something that needs improvement.
So does advanced planning.
Add daily planning to that list.

Work has been nuts, in a good way.
My personal life has been nuts, in a good way.
Thoughts have been scattered, kind of in a good way.

For now I am getting through each day successfully without forgetting anything too important.
I need to focus on certain areas of my life more often and more intensely.

I’m working on it.
For now, I’ll leave you with this picture from my flight down to Florida on Thursday.
Simply gorgeous.
2017-01-19 13.14.24