Mercy Health Glass City Marathon 2016 Winners

Recently I’ve had friends talk about recent PR’s or the PR’s they almost hit at the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon. This year’s race had perfect weather and a great new course for each of the races. Everyone had a great time on race weekend but there were a few people who had the best weekend…the race winners!13043290_1175717379113480_7119538303870390751_n

Mercy Health Glass City Marathon
Men’s Winner – Robert Gititu. Robert lives in Newport, Ky. and had a finish time of 2:27:25.
Women’s Winner – Laura Berry. Laura lives in Raleigh and had a finish time of 2:58:08.

Owens Corning Half Marathon
Men’s Winner – Nicholas Too. Nicholas lives in Grand Prairie, Texas and had a finish time of 1:04:01.
Women’s Winner – Veronica Maina. Veronica lives in Lansing, Mich. and had a finish time of 1:13:45.

Medical Mutual Glass City 5k
Men’s Winner – Jason Kessler. Jason lives in Perrysburg, Ohio and had a finish time of 15:56.
Women’s Winner – Mo Sheahan. Mo lives in Toledo and had a finish time of 20:17.

Congratulations to all of the winners, all of your training paid off!
See you all next year on April 23, 2017 for the 41st Mercy Health Glass City Marathon.

Use the Racejoy App to Track Your GCM Runners

We’re two days out from the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon!
Just wow. Crazy ass wow.GCM-ambassador-750-logoDo you want to know how your friends and family members are doing during the races this Sunday? You can use the Racejoy app to get updates for up to 20 runners. The progress alerts will be sent to your phone each time your runner crosses a timing mat on the course. You’ll receive information such as their location and their estimated finish time. The runner does NOT have to carry their phone for this feature.100x97x2c9d449f6b7de6032ab2e7f18d860c44_f321.pagespeed.ic_.rNdGV-1uXjWhen you download the app and you also have the opportunity to pay for the upgraded features that allow you to track a participant’s phone on a map using RaceJoy’s PhoneTrak feature. There are also advanced tracking features like proximity alerts and Meet Up that provide extra help to those spectators that are at the race site. This upgrade also includes Send-a-Cheer, which are fun audio clips spectators can send to participants the days leading up to the race and on race day. The runner DOES have to carry their phone for this feature.
495x412xbae47430440ef6a2d9dd8c0939a68256_f325.pagespeed.ic_.yDU691ZNBYThe app is available for iPhones and Android devices.
Make sure to turn your push notifications to ON for the tracking feature to work.

Who is Sy Mah?

Last night was the Dave’s Marathon In Training‘s final track night of our training season. Completely bittersweet for me. I’m ready for the race to get here finally but I love speed work nights with my group.
We trained at Olander Park in Sylvania. The Mercy Health Glass City Marathon runs the loop around the park during mile 16. At the entrance of the park there is a statue of Sy Mah. Sy is also given recognition each year on the finisher mugs everyone receives at the finish line of each race.
F-Inqueue-SR-StoryArchive-lingemanstatue-jpgI had quite a few teammates question who Sy is and what does he have to do with the Glass City Marathon and Toledo community?

Sy Mah was an influential figure in the running boom of the 1970s. Mah was an assistant professor of physical education at the University of Toledo from 1970 to 1988. Mah did not start running marathons until he was 40, yet at the time of his death in 1988, Mah held the record for the most lifetime marathons at 524.

The Sy Mah Memorial Scholarship at the University of Toledo was established in 1990 by his friends and family with financial support from the Toledo Roadrunners Club. In addition to meeting various academic standards, qualified recipients within the College of Health Science and Human Service are required to be “avid social runners.”

Mah ran the Glass City Marathon several times, including at the inaugural event in 1971. Runners in the Glass City Marathon pass by a life-size statue of Mah in Olander Park. Mah is believed to have said, “I believe Americans have been brainwashed with the idea that they must do less because increased age will result in less energy and diminished capacity. I have found this is simply not true if a person does not allow his mind to accept the traditional view of aging.”

Kind of a Toledo legend and all-around bad ass!
Next time you visit Olander Park or when you run around the park during the marathon on Sunday, say hi to Sy Mah and think of the 524 marathons he ran before his death. Holy geez, think of the number of shoes he went through!

6 DAYS & 7.1 Miles

Hahahahaha!! 7.1 miles.
I had to miss track night for work.
I ran on Thursday and then I ran only 1/3 of my Saturday mileage before my knee gave out on me.GCM-ambassador-750-logo

Am I nervous about 26.2 miles in 6 short days?
No lying about that.

I have given my knee free reign on telling me when I can and can’t run. In 6 days I tell my knee to STFU and I call the shots. I am ready for the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon to get here so I can (hopefully) shock myself with an amazing finish time.
I did alter my goal finish time over the last few weeks. I have a time that I would just die if I hit-it would be epic. A time that I would love to hit and feel like I really earned. And a time that if I hit, I will be happy with because my knee is a whore and I made it through the race in one piece.

I still have 6 more days to completely freak out, let the self induced stress begin!

My Favorite Race Day Signs

If you are a spectator who wants to bring a sign to hold as you watch runners pass I have a fun list for you.
There are SO many signs online if you want to go and search them out, but here are my favorites…

Because…it’s Christopher Walken. You can never go wrong with him.8a7e144dc4470db61503f3c1c60c84cf-300x300These kinds of signs piss me the fuck off, because I’m never ‘almost there.’ I don’t think the non-runners understand what ‘almost there’ means. BUT, following up any sign with ‘that’s what she said’ instantly makes any sign hilarious.funniest-race-signs-at-a-race-01Again, another ‘that’s what she said.’ Instantly funny as hell. funniest-race-signs-at-a-race-05And completely true…funniest-race-signs-at-a-race-08 But he’s still a major bad ass.funniest-race-signs-at-a-race-10funniest-race-signs-at-a-race-24
I really love ‘I trained all week to hold this sign,’ I’ve never seen that one before. And ‘Worst Parade Ever’ is always a fan favorite. gallery-imagesThis one is my favorite by far!!Austin-Marathon-race-sign-300x191
Before the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon and Owens Corning Half Marathon course changes, both races would run through Wildwood Metropark and split when they reached the University Parks Trail. When you got to the trail, there was always a sign that said ‘Oh, Split!’ And I laughed like a fool every single time I saw it. I am really hoping that they have the sign at the new spot where the two races split this year, I can always use a chuckle early on.

2 Weeks & 19.21 Miles

TWO WEEKS! Holy geez, there are only 14 days until we line up at 7:02 a.m. (or 7:15 a.m. for the 5k) for the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon. Wow. Did that sneak up or what?!  GCM-ambassador-750-logo

My week started out fantastically! My knee was happy-ish and my heart hasn’t really been giving me too many problems since the failed Ed Dibble Run on April 2.

Monday – 6 miles
The Great Black Swamp Brewery was tapping their first keg of Glass City Glory, the beer they brew especially for the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon. The beer is served in their bar and also at the post-race party on Sunday, April 24. It is a wheat beer and is crazy delicious in my opinion. A bunch of Dave’s Marathon In Training runners met to get in a few miles and then meet at the brewery to celebrate the tapping. Don’t you meet somewhere to celebrate when a keg is tapped? You’re missing out…
We ran 6 miles from the Perrysburg YMCA, around Levis Commons then back to the Y. We kept a great pace of 10:08. I had a few too many pints, but it was a fabulous evening, I needed to forget parts of life lately. 2016-04-10 20.51.35

Tuesday – 4 miles
This was our first track workout outside, we are no longer meeting at BGSU. Lucky for us it was crazy cold out on Tuesday and were all bundled up in winter running gear. (dramatic eye roll). Our workout for the night was 2-3 2000s with a 4 minute rest in between. My pace was spot on, actually it was faster than we were supposed to be running, but it felt good!

Wednesday – 0 miles

Thursday – 0 miles

Friday – 0 miles

Saturday – 0 miles
It snowed 5″+ on Friday night/Saturday morning and it was a hot mess outside. The group was going to run at 7 a.m. and it was decided to postpone due to the trails probably not being cleared off yet. I was happy with that decision, who doesn’t love going back to bed after getting up before 5 a.m.?

Sunday – 9.21 miles
I LOATHE ending my mileage on some funky ass number like .21, but my knee wasn’t having another step at the end of my run this morning. 18 were on the schedule, and as per my last few long runs, my knee took a shit and I couldn’t finish. I was doing pretty well up until mile 7+. I took a quick walk to get my tibia to quit rubbing and I had a sharp bone pain so intense that I let out an OWWWWWW and maybe a fun swear word after it hehe. After that, the dull pain didn’t go away. I wanted 14 at a minimum, but had to settle with 9.

Am I worried about running the full with my knee giving me such intense issues? Nah, not really. Mostly because race day adrenaline will help, running with a friend or two and having their support will help, a lot of ibuprofen will help, and my intense need to finish this marathon like a bad ass will help. I have new speed that came out of no where, I need to show myself what I’m capable of.

Of course I wish that my knee was treating me better right now, but I think that after I get back to running at the end of June (and hopefully before then), I’ll be stronger than ever before. If nothing else, I won’t have the current knee issues!

14 days people!
Do you have questions about race weekend? Check out my FAQ’s Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.
Let me know if you have any questions about race weekend!

Mercy Health Glass City Marathon FAQ’s – Part 3

With only 16 days left until the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon, it is time to start thinking about your trek to The University of Toledo’s Main Campus. GCM-ambassador-750-logoEXPO
The expo is on Saturday, April 23 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in Savage Arena on The University of Toledo Main Campus. Here is a map of the vendors that will be at the expo.


This is something I have been asked about almost daily for a few weeks now.
Where the heck do I park?
When should I get to campus?
Will there be any roads closed before the race?
2016-GCM-parking-map-1There is a LOT of information about closures on the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon webpage. But here are some of the most important ones to take a look at:

Road Closures & Controlled Traffic in Toledo at Race start:

-**Bancroft from Secor to University Hills — closed 4am­ to 11:00am
-Bancroft from Secor to Indian River — 7am to 8am
-University Hills & Bancroft – closed from 6:45am to ­11:00am
-**Secor Road — Kenwood to Dorr — closed from 6:45am to ­8:30am
-Kenwood to Valleston Pkwy — 6:45am to 11am
-Douglas Rd from East Rocket Drive to Dorr — closed from 7am – 7:30am
-**Dorr St — westbound traffic closed from Douglas to Secor — 7am to 8am
-Cheltanham from Bancroft to Pelham — 6:45am to 7:30am
-Pelham from Secor to Cheltanham — 7am to 7:45am
-Brantford from Secor to Drummond — closed from 7am to 11:00am
-Drummond from Bancroft to Brantford — closed from 7am to 11:00am

Ottawa Hills, Some Roads Closed & Highly Congested, Bancroft Rd closed:

-Bancroft from Secor to University Parks Trail closed 6:15am to 11:00am
-Kenwood from Secor to Ottawa Hills HS closed from 7 am to 8:15am
-Indian Rd from Secor to Talmadge will be closed from 7am to 8:45am
-Various Rds within Ottawa Hills from Talmadge to Exmoor, controlled traffic from 7am to ­9:00am
-**Talmadge closed between Indian and Bancroft from 7am to 9:30am
-**Exmoor in Ottawa Hills to the Main Entrance of Wildwood on Central will be congested Controlled traffic, avoid 7:15am to 9:00am
-Hasty Rd from Central to Brittany — lane restrictions — Southbound traffic only
-**Central Ave from Reynolds to Corey Road — avoid 7:15am-­12:30pm
-Reynolds to Exmoor — closed 7:30am to 9:30am

There are still volunteer spots available! Those who can’t run, volunteer!
Contact our Volunteer Coordinator at to help out on race day!

Do you have any other questions that I can answer about the race weekend?
I am happy supply you with any information I can!