Happy Belated Birthday to This Old Lady

That’s right, I said Happy Birthday to myself because why the hell not?

So, when your new job duties include being on your computer all day, it is hard to want to be on your laptop at night. The only time I do crack my laptop at night is to work. I like my new job duties, but they definitely keep me hopping.

In between my working and working and working, I found some time to run a few races of Labor Day weekend. Labor Day? Yeah, I’m just catching up from two weeks ago.

Chad and I ran in the Boy Scout Half Marathon & 5k. We ran the Tenderfoot 5k. The weather was perfect for running and Chad ended up with a new PR. I did not PR at all. Not even close. I haven’t run in quite some time and knew I wouldn’t be at my best. But, I always love a good run for fun! As a Run Toledo Ambassador, I was able to rep them with my swanky new ambassador shirt.

The very next day we ran in the Olander 24 Hour Ultra Run. This was an experience for sure! There are two ways to participate in the run; as an individual and as a team. The goal is to run as many laps around Olander Park as possible. Each lap is 1.091 miles. Imagine damn near 24 hours of running. Wow, right?
The winning individual ran 110 laps which equals out to 120.07 miles. The winning team ran 149.9 laps which equals 163.62 miles. The team I was on, Candu Run Run, finished with 146.61 laps which equals 160.02 miles. We were SO damn close to winning.

I’ve been keeping up with the gym (and not running as I should) and since Chad and I moved in together, I don’t live next to the Maumee River. Crazy sad because I love living near the water, but I remembered that there is an amazing park that I love to visit, Bo loved it too.

I celebrated my 36th birthday last week and which I loathe getting older, it isn’t getting to me…too much. The number ‘6’ behind the the 3 is hard to read to be honest with you. Time is slipping past me and I can’t handle it sometimes.

Look at this amazing cake that Chad got for me. I have never had my picture on a cake and this was awesome. I have had my fill of cake for a little while. HA, lies! Anyone who knows me knows that I can eat cake every damn day! But I don’t because my ass is the size of Ohio otherwise. Chad made this a fantastic day for me and I’m thankful I have him in my life to do all the things with me. 

I have a ton of races on my calendar this fall and I’m going to be around more in an annoyingly fun way.
Happy Running & Lifting!

Happy 6th Birthday, Bo!

I am well aware that my pup doesn’t have access to the internet and can’t read very well. That won’t stop me from throwing out a Happy Birthday to him though.

Happy Birthday to my Bo, my Jobs, my Ja-Bo, my Bo Bo, my Bo Schem, my Bo Schembechler (when he’s in trouble), my Joby (pronounced Job-E), my dude, and any other nickname that I have given him that I forget right now.

I brought Bo home in October 2011 when he was 13 weeks old and eight pounds, and from day one he was obviously my dog. He was attached to me and has been my best friend ever since. He listens, he cheers me up when I need it, he loves to get me out of the house for walks, he kisses to the point of molesting sometimes – and with an uncanny knack of a sneak-attack kiss inside the mouth or nose. Yeah, it’s awesome.

These pictures are from the first two days he was at home with me. Our first selfie, our first romp in the leaves, and just an all around great day. I still remember it like it was six years ago…
His ears have grown so much!

As I mentioned, he has a way of a sneak-attack kiss. You think you’re taking a regular selfie, then you’re really catching his tongue in action. The top left is a great example. He has frog-tongue reflexes, I swear it. That kiss happened in a millisecond. He is most definitely a lover. 

Bo will only sleep on blankets or pillows. And more often than not, his head is propped up on a pillow. Sometimes he takes over my pillow when I get up in the morning. He gives me the stink-eye when I don’t do what he wants. I get him Mr. Freeze’s bow-wow sundae each year, because…it’s Mr. Freeze, best ice cream in town. This kid loves a walk along the Maumee River, too. He will sit with me forever, just people watching and enjoying the views. 

I can’t say enough how much Jobs means to me. Anyone with a pet that brings them joy knows that they aren’t a pet, they are a family member. He brings me so much happiness that I can’t put it into words.

Happy 6th Birthday, Jobs. I hope to spend many, many more with you.

Positive Vibes

Now that I found a point where I’m feeling more focused and relaxed with life, I am trying to fill my time with positive activities.
Bo. Running. Lifting. Working more. Strengthening my faith.
2015-09-26 12.03.03

I didn’t think it was possible, but work gets busier by the day. I don’t necessarily mind, but I know that I am neglecting other areas of my life because I’m so busy.
I have neglected Bo, housework, running and meal planning over the weeks. These are all things that I need to care for, for my sanity and for the sanity of Bo, cleanliness of the house, my health and mental well being, and for my waist line!
Probably six days out of seven I take Bo out for a walk in the evening and my boy loves them, at least I know I’m not completely neglecting him. Today was mostly chasing squirrels up trees (his fav) and staring at monuments.
2015-09-27 19.53.20Today was my second week attending Cedar Creek, and I enjoyed it more than last week, believe it or not. I’ve never been a part of a church that I actually connected with. The services aren’t strict, uptight, monotone…they are uplifting, don’t feel structured and I feel that I relate to the pastors more than my previous church. Anyways, I am just loving this new addition to my life.

I’m trying to keep my positive vibes flowing because if my bipolar is triggered in the right way, all I feel are the negative vibes. There are a lot of things that I can see the negative in. A lot. A lot. But, I am choosing the positive to focus my mind on. It’s all about perspective. But there are definitely days where my anger, jealousy and just plain ol’ depression kicks in.
Tomorrow starts another week, make it a great one!

All of the Updates

The last two months have brought more changes to my life than I’ve experienced in a years.
While nothing is new, everything is new. I’ll throw a few updates out for those who have asked for them

—> I started running again a few weeks ago. I haven’t run any ‘short’ runs yet, only longs, and they’ve gone really well.

—>I have been lifting consistently again for a few months now. It really couldn’t be going much better. I have some great gainz so far and that is excellent motivation to keep pushing myself.

—>Recently I have learned that I am worth a little more than I thought I was previously and that there is a different way to have someone you care about treat you as person. I know I’m a pretty decent person, but it’s nice for someone besides family to show me that.

—>The University of Toledo (my employer) has been kicking ass and taking some SEC (Arkansas) and Big 12 (Iowa State) names. I don’t typically get into Rocket football because I graduated from their rival, Bowling Green State University, but if they continue the rest of their season like this, there could be some playoff talk.

—>Today was the first day in years that I went to church. Church. What a foreign word to me. Church. It was frowned upon in my past life, where growing up I went to church every week. It didn’t feel right to go to my previous church right now. The church style itself didn’t seem appealing to me anymore even though I love the Pastor there. The church I went to today was a more ‘alternative’ church compared to most. I didn’t know how I would like it, but I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. Yes, I’ll be going back next week and I’m actually excited to do so.

—>Bo and I have still been taking daily walks. We have walked all over the part of Perrysburg we live in now that he knows exactly which house has dogs. He tends to doddle at those houses, hoping he will get to bark uncontrollably at another dog. Super exciting for me.
2015-09-20 16.24.39And as I review these updates, I realize that they’re pretty lame.
I’ll think of fun things to actually post tomorrow…

Finding My Groove Again

I have been extremely absent and I’m sorry about that.
Dealing with difficult people in my life has taken its toll on my sanity some days. I am constantly learning more and more about my old family member and I am baffled at the amount of shit I didn’t know about that was going on behind my back. This helps to reaffirm that I 100% made the right choice to get out of dodge. What people do and what people say can be drastically different and when you find out the truth, it hurts you more. It hurts more because you believed the words.

2015-09-01 18.42.08I have started a new chapter of my life, and it has brought me peace for the first time in almost a decade. I no longer have to worry about what someone will say or think as their mind cooks up drama. I no longer have to worry about being accused of ridiculous acts someone believes in their head to be true. I can FINALLY do the things that make me happy in my life again. The simple act of having close friends is one of those things. I have reconnected with some amazing people and I am lucky to have them. They have opened my eyes to a lot of negatives about my life that I didn’t even know were there. I love my friends and cherish them.
I had to let go of everything in order to get everything I’ve ever wanted. I have hit that point and happiness strikes me every single day. 2015-08-30 09.52.20Bo has adjusted to living in our new house extremely well. He looks forward to his long walks at night and has already memorized the houses where he always sees squirrels. I love that the Maumee River is only one block away from my house. It is so peaceful to sit and take in the beautiful view whenever I want.
Tonight Perrysburg is holding their ‘First Friday’ event. It is a children-focused street party/fair in downtown Perrysburg. They have everything from a dunk tank to inflatables to firetrucks to music for all who attend. Bo and I walk downtown almost every single night and tonight will be no different. Even though I am not going to take part in one single thing tonight, it is always a great place to people watch. Oh, the people watching…isn’t that one of the best things when you go to a crowded area? 2015-09-02 19.06.34All in all, life is good and every day is a blessing that I get to shape into what I want in life. I’ll be around more often now that life has settled down and my freedom has returned.
Happy Friday!

National Dog Day

I think I am always the last person to hear about these fun ‘national days.’ I always miss out on waffles, or cookies, or hang gliding, or skipping under a rainbow. But today, I’m not missing out on National Dog Day.

I’m not so sure what I’m supposed to say, so all I have is – I love you Bo!

2015-08-23 17.14.53

And We Ran…

This evening didn’t go as planned but turned out pretty well. I took my gym clothes to work, changed in my office and drove to the gym. The instant I was getting out of my car I realized that I didn’t have my ipod shuffle. I am not that person who can workout in any way without some music. I did consider it. I considered lifting all of the weights without music. I considered it for 3.67 seconds and then drove home.
I’m not that person.

I was all dressed with no where to go, so I put on Bo’s harness and we went for a short run. It is still hot and humid here in NW Ohio and Bo doesn’t do well in that environment, which made it a short run. We ran just under 1.5 miles and poor Bo was panting like crazy when we got home. As I walk around the house when we get home, Bo feels the need to follow me no matter what. He is laying down, panting and dying, but if I leave the kitchen, he has to follow me. I have found it best to just sit on the floor with him, it keeps him from walking all over the house when he doesn’t need to.

2015-08-11 18.22.05To tell you the truth, I haven’t run at all since April. What?! Yup, April. The slow death of my personal life took over and I let it.
Even though, it was under 1.5 miles, it felt good. Bo runs with the speed of an Olympic sprinter and it can be hard to keep up with him. Not my speed, but it felt damn good to get out and running again. Which is good, because I have a half marathon in 6ish weeks!2015-08-11 18.23.34-1 Bo typically takes a hot minute to cool down, but the instant he does, he is right back to his old self. Which is typically sleeping or chewing on a bone.
He chose option one right after he recovered. And he earned it with his first run back.2015-08-11 18.50.37The fact that we don’t have a fenced in yard ensures that I will be running with Bo a hell of a lot more now.