Monday’s Motivation

Six Weeks Until Race Day

First of all, if you haven’t registered for your race at the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon, hop to it! The fields are filling up fast and there is no guarantee how much longer there will be room. Register before March 31 and you will be guaranteed your shirt size, a personalized BIB number, corral placement and you’ll beat the next price increase!
My training for the Owens Corning Half Marathon is still at a stand still, and has been for months now. I am starting to think I might have to drop down to the Medical Mutual Glass City 5k. My schedule may be changing in the near future and I’m not sure how many Saturday races I’ll be able to take part in. Adulting: the struggle is real. I have six weeks to train for the half and I know that I could get it done, BUT, I’ll be off of running for one week due to a surgery. And unfortunately, there is no running at all during the initial recovery.

Have your registered?
How has your training been going?

Monday’s Motivation – Assumption

One of the worst super powers that humans have, assumption.

Don’t assume anything about anything. Ever.
The old saying is true…’assuming makes an ass out of you and me.’
Holds true when it comes to your health and fitness as well.
Assume you can and you’ll let yourself fail.
Assume you can’t and you’ll set yourself up to soar.

The Opportunity to Change

The definition of change is: make or become different, take or use another instead.

Large changes as an adult is a terrifying thing sometimes.
The unknown is the main cause for worry in my opinion.

Naturally, change scares me to no end, especially the large life decisions. It is a necessary evil when it comes to adulting, this is one of the adultiest things you can adult about…and it’s time for me to adult.

Will the change be successful? Fulfilling? Gratifying? Fun? Worthwhile? Better than what I have/do/think right now? Weighing the odds on all of those questions is the hardest part.
Trusting that the change is for the better is a huge leap of faith in yourself.

What happens if you make the wrong decision and life changes in a way you didn’t expect it to?
What happens if you make the right decision and life changes in a way you didn’t expect it to?
See what I did there? One word makes all the difference in your outlook on something that scares the bajesus out of you.

Some people are too scared to change, too set in their ways and would rather play it safe. Some people are a bit more reckless and take every opportunity to change they can find. Then some are never given the opportunity to change, whether it be their doing or not.

The opportunity is there…do you reach out and take it?

Mercy Health Glass City Marathon Countdown

48 days. That is all that stands between today and race day.
The thoughts start swirling around in your head…
Am I ready?
Have I run enough?
Should I break in new shoes?
What am I going to wear on race day?
Where the heck should I stay that weekend?
Am I ready?
Am I ready?

You still have seven weeks to find your race mojo. Keep on training and keep a positive frame of mind!

You’ve got this!

If you haven’t registered, don’t wait too long because the Owens Corning Half Marathon typically sells out!

Monday’s Motivation

You do an Eclectic Celebration of the Dance!

Every now and then I clean out my Chrome bookmarks and I came across this gem.
Whenever I need a good laugh, I play this scene from The Birdcage.
It is absolutely epic and always cracks me up.

Man do I miss Robin Williams.