Dave’s Marathon In Training Program for the 2017 Mercy Health Glass City Marathon

2017-spring-mitI was a solo runner for 5+ years.
My pace was constantly changing due to my heart issue. I was self conscious about how I looked when I ran. To tell you the truth, I liked the solitude.

I had the opportunity to train for the 2016 Mercy Health Glass City Marathon with Dave’s Marathon In Training group this past spring and it was a game-changer in my running life. Never before have I been immediately welcomed to a group and had such a great time running with other people. I still enjoy my solo runs, but now I have a running family that I can run with anytime.

Like it or not, 2017 is right around the corner and it’s time to start planning your spring race season. No matter what your goal is, to qualify for Boston or just to have fun and finish the race, the Marathon In Training program will work for you.
The spring Dave’s Marathon In Training offers nine different pace groups for each the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon and the Owens Corning Half Marathon. The training includes a training plan, three group runs each week (speed, tempo, long run), discounts to Dave’s races, weekly emails with tips and explanations of workouts, coupons to Dave’s Running Shop and some amazing swag. Ohhhh, the swag!

For registering for spring 2017 Dave’s Marathon In Training you’ll receive the following:
A North Face backpack. North Face, people!backpack A Nike 1/4 zip pullover for those long winter training runs.quarter-zip A Dave’s Marathon In Training t-shirt.shirtRegister before December 10 when the price for Marathon In Training increases. The training begins the week of January 2 so it’s time to pick your race and register for 16 weeks of fun!
I’m already signed up and can’t wait to get back to running with the group.

Ugh, Adulting

I feel like all I have been doing lately is adulting without much time to spare for myself.
I have mega slacked at the gym.
I have super crazy mega slacked with running.
I have been horrible at meal prep.
I have been really horrible at keeping Bo busy and taking him for walks.
I have had a large lack of sleep and not taking the time to replenish it.

Ugh, adulting.

Monday’s Motivation

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At Home Out on the Road

I went to college intending to study environmental science.
I thought I wanted to study in this field because being outdoors is one of my favorite places to be. After taking a few environmental science courses I knew I was meant to be there.
Then after actually researching the field, I realized just how much science is involved. You would think that the word science in the name would tip me off, but I never claimed to be smart. After combing through the entire catalog of majors at my University, I found one that spoke to me, even more than environmental science did. It involves outdoor recreation and environmental education, things I value highly to my happiness. The best part? It involved almost no science what so ever!

After spending time staring at the New River Gorge Bridge in West Virginia, all of the feels about being outdoors took over again. My current job, that I love, is mostly a desk job and doesn’t really fit with the field I have my degree in, in the sense that it is indoors. If I had the chance one day to work outdoors in the recreation field, I just may jump at it. NW Ohio isn’t a hot bed in this field though.

Last weekend I was in West Virginia on a mini vacation and visited New River Gorge National Park and visited one of the famous sights of the park: the New River Gorge Bridge. I read that two Statues of Liberty can be stacked on top of the Washington Monument and there will still be room to spare underneath the bridge. It is amazing to think of the size of this bridge that spans the gorge. 2016-10-28-08-55-15 The entire park was majestic with the changing of the leaves for the season. There were hints of color that glowed when the sun peeked through the clouds. The sweeping views throughout the park were too much to fully take in during one short trip. 2016-10-28-09-11-15My absolute favorite place in the park that we saw was Sandstone Falls. I could have sat and enjoyed the falls for hours. Hearing the water run over the rocks and breathing in the fresh air was simply intoxicating. This is one of the reasons I feel at home when I’m outdoors. The beauty of the world around us is something I don’t take for granted and that is one reason that I wanted a degree in a field that allowed me to take advantage of this. 2016-10-28-12-34-35It also helps that I had the best company while I enjoyed these fantastic sights in West Virginia. Having people you care with around you makes the places you feel at home feel even more comfortable.
Vacations have a great way of soothing the soul.

New River Gorge National Park

I visited my first National Park in August and I realized I need to get to more of them. I’ll be road tripping this weekend to Charlotte and as we pass through West Virginia, we’ll make a stop to New River Gorge National Park.
The NP is well known for the New River Gorge Bridge (seen below).
Seeing as it is so late in October, I’m hoping that the foliage is displaying beautiful color


There are also some great hikes to waterfalls and what I’m sure are sweeping vistas. We only have a few hours to take in all we can (twss) at the park, so I, being the nerdy over planner I am, am making notes on the spots in the park that would be clutch to visit.

Have you ever visited this park?
What National Parks have you been to that you love?

Monday’s Motivation

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I don’t even know where to begin.
Last week was Homecoming at work and that means 75+ hours of busy af and running around like crazy.
It is absolutely worth it when it comes to the day of Homecoming, but the week before can be rough sometimes.

To add to the busy schedule, I had a minor surgery on Monday. Nothing big, I had an ear tube in my left ear. No, I am not seven years old. No, I don’t have constant ear infections.
Why get one?
I had a double ear infection, for the first time in 10 or more years, and while doing something extremely sexy like blowing my nose, I ruptured my ear drum. I felt it pop and then I got extremely dizzy. It was awesome.

My ear, nose and throat doc (ENT) let me know that if it didn’t heal on its own, that it would need something done to help it heal. Hence, the tube. Nine months later and it hadn’t improved in any way. I am feeling pretty well now, three days after surgery, but still not best. My ear is even more muffled and full of pressure than it was before, but this is normal I was told. So, until I heal more, I won’t be hearing as well for a bit.
This meaning, if you plan on sneaking up on me, do so on the left side as I can’t hear as well from that ear.

Other than recovering from surgery and Homecoming week, I’m just trying to get back into the swing of things. Especially with bodybuilding and running. I need to get back to the dedication I had before the crazy began. I’m cutting, which as any bodybuilding understands, isn’t the most fun thing ever invented. Carbs are life and giving some of them up is rough af!

I do have a new inspiration to my life regarding…well, everything…and that has made all the difference. Finding someone who makes you want to be a better person is life changing and I’ve never experienced that before.
Life is happy again in a way it wasn’t ever before.