NEW Winner of the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon Free Entry Giveaway

It’s always rough when someone enters a giveaway, wins, I email them to claim it within 24 hours, then I email 48 hours later as a reminder…then still don’t hear from them.
This winner is unfortunately not going to be receiving the free race entry code. Sad, right?

But, I selected a new free race entry recipient who will be receiving the code. The new recipient is……

Robert M.

I have already contacted him and he has responded to me and is planning on running the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon on April 24, 2016! This will be his second marathon.

Congratulations and good luck with your training!

Monday’s Motivation

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Rossford Rudolph Run 5k Recap

I haven’t run the Rossford Rudolph Run 5k since 2011. So, when the Rossford Recreation Center invited me to run the race again this year, I jumped at the opportunity.

My finish time in 2011 was 36:54. Four years later, I killed that former race time. I even set a new PR at this race. My former PR was 33:13, set back in 2011. Seriously, it’s an oldie.
After I crushed my MacQueen’s Run For Your Life 10k time and PR’d by over 8 minutes, I knew I had to set a new 5k PR before the year was out. The Rossford 5k was the last race I was registered for so it was now or never. Well, not never, there are still a few more 5k’s this year, but I wanted to just get it finished.

I’ve been having a little more heart trouble than normal this year, so I was cautiously optimistic on what I was shooting for. I ran a practice 5k three days ago, wearing shorts and short sleeves, and ran at a 10:15 pace. That gave me hope that I could run at the same pace at the 5k to PR.
Typical Ohio, it was around 30* colder today than it was a few days ago for my practice, plus it was snowing. The cold didn’t seem to hold me back too much, because I hit a 10:20 pace during the race, finishing in 32:04. This gave me a 1:09 5k PR! I finished the year on a high note. Little did I know, but it was going to get better for me.
2015-12-19 10.26.05

I almost never stay for the awards presentation at races because I’m slow and never place. I was catching up with some of my race friends who I hadn’t seen in six+ months and decided to stick around. Thankfully I did, because I placed second out of six in my age group! It wasn’t even an automatic top three, I actually earned this one.2015-12-19 14.56.08 My award was this great stocking! I can tell you that it will now be a staple in my holiday decorating, I am proud of this sucker! And you’re witnessing Bo demolish Yoda’s head. The Force isn’t working too well for Yoda tonight.2015-12-19 22.31.09Ending my 2015 race year with this PR and top three has made this a very memorable year for me.
If you haven’t run this race before, look into it for 2016. I’ll almost guarantee that it’ll be cold and it may even snow, but it is a great course and very well run.

When was the last time you hit a new PR?

Winners of the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon Race Entry Giveaway

Thank you to everyone who entered my free race entry giveaway over the past week!
It is hard watching the winners randomly selected because I feel bad for the others who don’t win free entry, but there can only be two!

As the head Ambassador for the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon I am so lucky to be able to give away these two free entries. My team of Ambassadors has already given away 10 free entries! Congratulations to those who won the previous giveaways, I can’t wait to hear how you do in your race on April 24, 2016.

GCM-ambassador-750-logoThis year’s free entry winners from my giveaway are –

2016WinnersCongratulations to Andrea and Laura!
I have emailed you both, letting you know you are today’s winners.

You didn’t win? You can still take advantage of early bird registration to save before the price increase at 12:00 a.m. on January 1, 2016.
The Mercy Health Glass City Marathon is currently $70 and will increase to $80 on January 1, 2016.
The Owens Corning Half Marathon is currently $60 and will increase to $70 on January 1, 2016.
The Medical Mutual Glass City 5k is currently $30 and will increase to $35 on January 1, 2016.

Take advantage of the early bird savings before the new year begins!
And again, thank you to everyone who entered!

Confidence In My Heart

I was diagnosed with a mitral valve prolapse with regurgitation in 2000. My valve doesn’t close tightly allowing blood to flow backward through my heart. When the blood flows inefficiently through my heart, it does the same with the rest of my body, making me tired and out of breath quite quickly. My heart rate increases rapidly when I take part in any kind of cardio activity, the faster my heart beats, the more blood flows backwards. This is why I have issues running.

The cardiologist I went to for over 12 years moved to a different position within the medical system he is a part of. This left me to visit his partner. I saw him twice and both times he claimed I was overreacting about my heart pain and symptoms. Flat out refused to even listen to my heart this past summer. I found a new cardiologist and she actually said the same thing, I was overreacting and she’d see me if I wanted to keep going, but there wasn’t any need. That’s 2/3 doctors that told me I’m nuts essentially. I know what I feel in my body, and I know nothing has changed from 16 years ago. My first doctor treated my mild/moderate issue each year and monitored the changes that took place. My valve did get slightly worse over the years, but has remained steady.

In December 2014, I had a cardiopulmonary echocardiogram to test my lungs and my heart during stress (cardio). My heart was found to be incredibly inefficient when my heart rate rises. Pair this undeniable proof of a continued issue, with the massive heart pain and shortness of breath I had during a recent half marathon and I decided to give it another go and try and find another cardiologist. I met with the fourth one this morning and I am in love. He agrees with my original doctor and is going to have me try a new med that will put a ‘governor’ on my heart rate. This will help my heart rate to not jump so quickly when I run. I cannot wait to test this over the next few months while I train for my second marathon. Running should be easier for me, hallelujah! I can’t even imagine having confidence in my heart to push myself to the limit, without gasping to breathe.

Having my heart rate under control could mean huge changes to the game I bring to the 2016 Mercy Health Glass City Marathon. Pair that with the Dave’s Marathon In Training program I begin in January and the 40 pound weight loss since my first full and this could be an epic race.

Speaking of the weight loss, on the left is the package I brought to my first Glass City Marathon in 2012.
On the right is the start of the package I’ll bring to my second Glass City Marathon in 2016.
Four years and 40 pounds separate the two, and I think the weight loss and muscle gains will dramatically increase my odds on hitting my marathon goal time. 2015-12-17 16.21.15At least, here’s to hoping it does!

Well, That Happened

Did you register for my Mercy Health Glass City Marathon giveaway yet?
TODAY is the last day to enter to win a free entry to the race!

I did it. I registered for my second marathon. RaceRegistration2016
I am excited, nervous, scared, worried, proud, and generally just stupefied. After the epic fail that was my first marathon, where my femur chipped tiny pieces of bone in to my knee, naturally I am scared that something like that will happen again. After five surgeries, I am very in tune with my knee, but that came as a complete shock during the race.

I weigh less and I have been lifting heavy since I ran my first full in 2012. These two reasons alone make me feel more comfortable about my knee during the race. One of the biggest reasons is that I am taking part in Dave’s Marathon In Training. Having a group of people to train with is extremely foreign to me, but I am looking forward to the speed work at the BGSU Field House track. I am a fool for sprinting. If they had adult races for sprinting, I would win my age group all the time. Okay, total stretch there and that would never happen, but sprinting is my jam. I think that’s why I always sprint to the finish line of every race I have ever run. The sprint makes me feel alive in a way that distance running never will. My body is built for sprinting, not distance running, but I make distance runs work for me.

Since this is the 40th Anniversary of the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon, I want to be able to fulfill my dream and my goal of successfully finishing my second full.


The Struggle Is Going to Get Real

Starting in January, my training is about to get real.
Real busy. Real stressful. Real satisfying.
I officially begin marathon training with Dave’s Marathon In Training program. (there is still time to sign up if you haven’t yet!) I’ll be running around three and maybe four days each week. And along with marathon training, I’ll also be hitting the gym four days per week.

I know that I’ll stumble and miss days. I know that I’ll doubt myself and my abilities at some point. I know that I’ll work my hardest and give it my all. I set a massive goal for myself, both with running my second marathon and with the lifting schedule I set for myself, but I know if I can give this my all for four short months, that the improvements I will see will be incredibly worth it. 2015-12-13 11.25.16Saturday is an easy way for me to get back in to the swing of running and lifting more often. I am running in the Rossford Rudolph Run 5k, held at the Rossford Recreation Center. The race is at 9:00 a.m. on December 19th with a kid’s 1k run at 8:30 a.m. Register between today and race morning and the fee is $20 (with a shirt if your size is available) or $15 (without a shirt).2015-11-30 17.17.22I think every time I announce a goal I’ve set for myself, I fall short. With that in mind, I am not going to float my PR dream time out to the universe. I’ll only say that my current 5k PR is 33:13, a 10:41 pace. And that’s all I have to say about that.

Have you entered my giveaway to win a FREE race entry to the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon, Owens Corning Half Marathon or Medical Mutual Glass City 5k? There are only two more days to enter, so go register now!