Scheduling For Success In 2016

The year wraps up tomorrow and then 2016 is upon us. The beginning of the year is exciting because everyone wants to start fresh in some way. The top New Year’s Resolutions for 2015 as stated by The Neilson Company, include 37% of American’s wanting to get fit and healthy and 32% want to lose weight. Were you include in these numbers? Did you accomplish your New Year’s resolution for 2015? Hell, do you even remember what it was?

On January 1, 2015 I said I wanted 2015 to be extremely happy for me. I’ll admit that the first half of the year was horrible AF in a lot of ways, but the second half of the year has made of for that twenty times over. My divorce was finalized in the second half of the year and I couldn’t be happier. So, I guess my resolution did come true, I made sure that my year ended with me being extremely happy.

I’ll talk about my resolution for 2016 on January 1, but I’ll fill you in on how I plan on staying healthy and fit in the new year. I plan on continuing to eat all the raw cookie dough I want even though the package strongly suggests that I don’t, so being at my best is a necessity. GCM-ambassador-750-logounnamed

I’ll be participating in Dave’s Marathon In-Training (MIT) program in order to train for the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon on April 24, 2016. This training is my focus for the first four months of the year. I openly admit that it is intense and that I will certainly stumble, probably a few times even. But I’ll also openly admit that I am going to do my damnedest to not let that happen. I am not going to list specifics in this schedule, this is just more of a general framework.

Monday –           Short weekday run
Tuesday –          MIT training at the Perry Field House on Bowling Green State University’s campus (Talons Up!)
Wednesday –     Group run with Dave’s Running at Fallen Timbers Mall
Thursday –         Gym day: Legs – MIT
Friday –             Gym day: Shoulders, back & triceps
Saturday –         MIT long run
Sunday –            Gym day: Biceps & chest

Added in each day are ab and glute exercises to finally work on firming up my biggest trouble spots.
No, there aren’t any rest days. Why not? Because I know that I’ll have something come up at work or in my personal life and have to rearrange something, so I am giving myself this framework to stay on track.

I have each of these runs and gym sessions already written in my planner for the next four months. These are all an appointment that I have to keep with myself, just as I would keep any other kind of appointment. And I just hate to cancel appointments, so I have to make sure to keep at it.

I’m waiting for someone to email or post or comment telling me that I can’t do it. Telling me that it’s impossible. Saying that this is something that I’ll never be able to accomplish. I can’t wait for someone to tell me these things because that will make me work a bajillion (sure it’s a real number) times harder just to prove them wrong.
I want it, so I’ll get it. Simple.

Do you schedule your workouts in your calendar? Or do you just wing it each week?

2015 Race Review

Looking back, I’m surprised that I ran a total of eight races this year. Off the top of my head, I could only name four. This was a very lax running year for me. I didn’t run all of the normal races that I have in years past, but 2016 is already shaping up to be busy. I already have nine races on my calendar for the first four months of the new year and I have a feeling I’ll add one or two to the list. With as crazy as my calendar is going to be, why not add more races in there, right? Money grows on trees now, did you know that? Which is great news since I’ll need a new pair of  Mizuno Wave Paradox running shoes shortly.

My 2015 races were…interesting. I didn’t start caring about my finish times until October. Seriously, I just didn’t care. The remainder of the year I was psyched for some PR’s. I ended up with a new 10k and 5k PR to finish the year. I was desperately hoping for a half PR, but after having the worst race of my life health-wise at Churchill’s, that was a no-go. I wish I had another half scheduled in the next few months so I could try again for my PR and redeem myself.

January 1
Hangover Classic 5k
35:01 – pace: 11:17

January 11
Donut Dash 5k
35:48 – pace: 11:32

February 7
Blizzard Breakfast Run 3.5 miler
Ran with a friend at their pace

April 26
Glass City Marathon 5k
35:08 – pace: 11:20

October 11
MacQueen’s Run For Your Life 10k
1:06:45 – pace: 10:45 (PR by 8:27)

November 14
Churchill’s Half Marathon
2:35:59 – pace: 11:54

November 26
Dave’s Turkey Chase 5k
Ran with a friend at their pace

December 19
Rossford Rudolph Run 5k
32:04 – pace: 10:20 (PR by 1:09)

I start my new heart medicine today and after the titration period has ended, I should see the full effect of the ‘governor’ for my heart rate while running or doing any sort of cardio specific exercise. Couldn’t come at a better time, as Dave’s Marathon In-Training program starts in seven days!

How many races did you run in 2015? Or, how many miles did you run?
I haven’t tracked my miles in years…maybe 2016 is the year that I’ll do it all year.

Monday’s Motivation

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17 Weeks & 19.5 Miles

I was out of town the beginning of the week for the Marmot Boca Raton Bowl where The University of Toledo defeated Temple University. It was a fantastic trip, I love the alumni and friends who travel with my office to bowl games.

While I was in Florida, I was able to run both mornings before my work day began.
On Monday morning I ran 5 miles and on Tuesday morning I ran 6.5.
Christmas morning took me to the Towpath Trail for 8 miles. I ran an out and back from the Roche de Bout shelterhouse of the Metroparks. I am a drinker while I run. During races I stop at every water stop and typically take two cups of water or Gatorade. No matter the distance of the race, I almost always take two. Drinking while I run is my favorite. So, I forgot to drop a water bottle at my half way point, so I was seriously thirsty at the end of my 8.

One thing I have come to realize is that I desperately need new running tights. I bought mine when I was 20+ pounds heavier and when I run, they fall about 3″ down on my waist. I spend half of the damn run just pulling my tights back up. I am a massive Target C9 fan when it comes to my running/lifting gear. I tried on a few pairs the other day. Girl’s XL, girl’s L, women’s S, women’s XS. Man do tights fit weird across these sizes. Both pairs of the girl’s tights were large in the waist. What, the waist? I thought that would be the one spot that would be too tight. The women’s S was too big in the waist, too. I finally hit a home run with the women’s XS, short size. They actually fit like a glove and I can’t wait to test them on a run this week. If they are as great as I hope they are, then I’m going to go back and clean them out! I did check out TJ Maxx and had no luck with any XS/Short sizing.

I did plan on running this morning, but it was raining and I totally chickened out and went to the gym instead.
2015-12-27 10.53.28I am happy I ended up at the gym because it has been over a week since I picked things up and put them down. There are only 17 weeks until the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon and these need to be some seriously kick ass weeks for me, and that means I need to continue to lift. Dave’s Marathon In-Training begins one week from Tuesday and making sure I am ready to run with a group is crucial to me. I am, and always have been, a solo runner. Between the heart and the knee, my pace has been sketchy in the past, but I think I have found a pace that I can stick with during my runs. I am still nervous of group running, but I’ll have to get over that fast.

So, 19.5 miles and 1 gym session…not my best week, but I’m happy with it because of how much traveling I did for work.
Tomorrow begins a new week – make it a good one!

No More Waiting

I have done a lot of waiting in my life.
I have waited to travel.
I have waited to compete.
I have waited to run my next marathon.
I have waited for sublime happiness.
I have waited to have children.
I have waited for someone to love me unconditionally.
I have waited to enjoy life in a new way.

I am too old to wait anymore. I met someone recently who drastically changed my outlook on waiting. Why should I have to wait for someone else in my life in order to do something I want to do? For the first time ever, I’m going to do the things I want to do. I took a small step for mankind and went to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens, alone on Christmas day. I know it is silly and not a big deal in any way, but half the fun of seeing a movie in the theater is turning to your friend/boyfriend/whatever when something amazing happens and sharing the ‘What the fuck just happened’ face. I missed doing that SO many times, but I loved that I finally saw the movie and didn’t wait to have someone to go with. If I waited, then I may never have seen it in the theater.
And regarding the movie, holy fuck, what the fuck just happened!?!?
That movie was bomb and I can’t wait to see it again.

I have also changed my outlook on my time frame on these things in my life. It isn’t too late.
It isn’t too late to travel.
It isn’t too late to run my next marathon.
It isn’t too late to find sublime happiness.
It isn’t too late to have children.
It isn’t too late for someone to love me unconditionally.
It isn’t too late to enjoy my life in a new way.

No more waiting. It isn’t too late for me anymore.

One Week & The Medal Reveal

Exactly one week from today is New Year’s Day.
Exactly one week from today is when people everywhere will make the resolution to lose weight, hit the gym, start running and about 293 other things.

Look at your goals and resolutions with practicality. Taking baby steps towards your goal is still forward progress and shouldn’t be thought less of.
Say you want to start running and have this goal of running 20 miles per week. Trouble is that you haven’t run in forever. I am no doctor, but I am fairly certain that your body may not be happy with that and could easily lead to injury. Slow and steady is the best way to build your mileage.
Say you want to lose weight. A lot of people jump in head first and end up injuring themselves in a way. Small changes can lead to huge results. Instead of cutting out every single snack or meal that you adore to eat, try cutting back on them. You won’t feel deprived of the food that you love, and by eating less, you’ll be working towards losing the weight you want. By cutting them out entirely, you are setting yourself up for failure, such as binging or falling off the wagon all together.

If you want to finally run that 5k, half marathon or marathon in 2016-consider the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon races. I mean, take a look at the sweet ass medals here. Who wouldn’t want to hang one of these around their neck for the day, am I right?
My medal rack is going to be beautiful with the marathon medal and the marathon relay medal adorning it. Funny how the medal is the best part of the race in some ways.
2015-12-25 18.02.12What do you think of the medals for 2016?
Which one do you want hanging around your neck on April 24, 2016?

Merry Christmas