$1.99 for Gas? $1.99 for Gas!!

*I think that it is 1998 outside. I bought gas for $2.19 last week and I filled up for only $1.99 today. What the what?
I don’t keep up with world news, gas news, oil news, local news in any way, so I have no clue what is going on. But I am seriously loving these prices. I wish I could horde gas in my garage or something so I can have cheap gas to use for a few months. Is that a thing? Can you horde gas?

*I have been a little (A LOT) lax about my running schedule. As in, I haven’t really started it yet. I am only a week behind, but I know how important a week can be when you are training to run 26.2 miles. I think I can, I think I can, I think…..
3D-Ambassador-printRes-15logo_Glass-City-Marathon_R2DatenoTitle-towerLogo*I found this picture a long time ago and I stumbled on it today and I felt compelled to share.

2014-07-21 18.29.11*And here is a picture that I keep on hand when I want to remember how happy I am that I don’t have to use math in real life.

2014-11-09 19.19.04

Happy Wednesday!

Monday’s Motivation

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Hands-Free Hipster Jogging Leash Review

I love taking my Bo on short runs with me. It gets him out of the house, he gets exercise, and I think that it makes him happy. After a run he smothers me in kisses and I believe they are thank you kisses.

A few months ago I found out that I have a decent sized herniated disc in the L5-S1 region of my spine. This translates to the very low back. Most people with this type of herniation experience pain or numbness in the legs and very few people experience actual back pain from this back injury. I am one of the few who doesn’t get any leg pain in any way and I am cursed with some extreme back pain in that part of my spine. It can completely incapacitate me and I have it so much. I feel like I am completely worthless when I have trouble doing anything normal.

This all means that I haven’t run with Bo since I received this diagnosis. Bo doesn’t just run, he pulls…with extreme force. I am scared that he is going to dart side to side, like he always does, and put too much pressure on the bad part of my back and cause pain. He has done it before and I don’t want it to happen again. So, we have taken a few walks to try and break my fears of hurting my back. Naturally, this all excites Bo. The instant I even reach for his leash he begins to lose his mind in joy.2014-12-14 08.09.25

I was sent the Hands-Free Hipster Jogging Leash to try out with Bo. I thought that having Bo attached to my core instead of by an arm may be a good way to help my fear of hurting my back again. I tried it on and it was seriously comfortable. When we walked there wasn’t any uncomfortable chaffing or spots on the belt that were tight when Bo pulled me. The leash is included in the box and the belt has pockets for your keys, some cash or even a cell phone can fit. I tucked a few small dog treats in the pocket and Bo really dug that of course!

2014-12-14 08.12.12

At $34.95, the Hipster leash is a fantastic value for dog owners who want running with their dog to be more comfortable. Do you know a runner who takes their dog out for runs? This would be an amazing gift and a nice way to free up a runners’ hands during a run. Through this side, the Hipster Leash is only $29.95 with FREE shipping right now! 

If you have any questions, or you have tried out the leash yourself, then please let me know!
I highly recommend this product for any runner, or even walker, that enjoys taking their dog out for some 1-on-1 time out on the streets.

Welcoming the New Year…from Alabama


It was announced on Sunday that The University of Toledo will be playing in the GoDaddy Bowl on January 4.
This is fantastic news because the bowl game isn’t over Christmas, forcing me to be away from home. I get a relaxing holiday at home with my family, then I spend three days in Mobile for work. I like that trade off.

Typically, my office isn’t allowed to make any travel arrangements or plans in December until after our bowl game has been announced. So, the bowl game we play in has a drastic affect on holiday plans. Now I am free to make plans and take *gasp* days off of work to relax!!! Let the planning commence!

Have you ever had a job where your holiday plans were based on anything like this?
Do you watch any bowl games each year?


Monday’s Motivation

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My Favorite Christmas Movies

With it being the holiday season, I have already started watching all of my favorite Christmas movies. I watched It’s a Wonderful Life last night and that always puts me in the holiday spirit. MV5BMTMzMzY5NDc4M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMzc4NjIxNw@@._V1_SX640_SY720_We are getting our tree next weekend and that will really help make Christmas pop in our house. The tree shows that Christmas means business in our house.

Here is a throwback to my favorite movies.

My favorite animated Christmas movies.

My favorite classic Christmas movies.

My favorite Christmas movies, more of the classics.

I really haven’t seen any amazing Christmas movies in a long time. Are there any new Christmas movies? Like, epicly amazing, must see Christmas movies? I really don’t think there have been in a few years here…someone needs to get on this.

What am I missing? I feel like I am missing some amazing Christmas movie…am I?


Marathon Training Season Begins

I put together my spring marathon training plan for the Glass City Marathon on April 26, 2015.
I truly love being a part of this race and I am so excited to share this joy with my ambassadors for 2015.
Dean Whitmire
Elizabeth Mason
Jessica Humphrey
Sarah Olvera Speer (her page isn’t active yet)

3D-Ambassador-printRes-15logo_Glass-City-Marathon_R2DatenoTitle-towerLogoIt is 20+ weeks away. That seems incredibly soon to me. I am anxious to start my training plan and this week is the start for me! I have not been running steadily in a few months so I am ready for this running stability to be a part of my schedule. Essentially I am starting from 0 miles and working up to 26 in 20+ weeks. I am not worried about it being too much, too fast at all. I have knocked out some miles out of no where and I feel confident in my running abilities!

In the past I have tried to be strict with my long runs. I have to run XX miles on this certain weekend. I know my running style as well as my ever-changing work schedule. I need to be flexible on my runs this/next year. I also need to plan around the weather. Remember we had the polar vortex/snowpocalypse/snowmageddon in early 2014? ‘Everyone’ says we are going to have another cold cold cold winter. That extreme cold is the reason I dropped from the full to the half for the 2014 race. I need to take full advantage of the warmer winter days so I don’t have to give up on my full marathon training plan.

If you are planning on running a spring race, this is one you should consider. It is a flat, fast course and it is a Boston-Qualifier (if you are fast enough for Boston). This is also one of the most affordable races I have come across.
The Owens Corning half marathon has sold out the past few years, so if you want to run the half you should register ASAP! I had a few friends shut out of the half last year. I am tackling the full marathon in 2015. My only other full was at Glass City in 2012, when my now-husband proposed to me at the finish line of the race. What an emotional and amazing day that was!

If you have a runner in your life who is thinking of the race, consider signing them up as a holiday gift! Early bird pricing ends on 12/31/14! Register now for the lowest price for each of the races.
When do you start training for large races?
Do you follow a training program or set your own mileage?