my very own Christmas vacation

I am lucky enough to get 4 days off of work.  No alarm clocks, no lunch hours, no staff meetings.
Only presents, time with Bo, Netflix and naps.

I had lofty plans for my first vacation day.
I planned on watching numerous episodes of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, napping with Bo, watching more CI and then possibly a second nap.

My lofty plans also included something productive, a 3 mile morning run…surprisingly, this did happen today.  It turned into 3.5 miles in a shockingly windy and chilly 30* morning.
Why does life always get in the way of simple plans of napping?
Ah…the few simple pleasures I have in life…ruined.

All of a sudden there is shopping, and appointments to show houses and driving.  Ugh…
Sure, there are tons of things to do instead of sleep.  But are any of them as gratifying?

I know that I have 3 more days of rest…but those day’s are not so restful, Christmas Eve, Christmas and then day after Christmas which is our CHristmas with the kids…so rest will be few and far between…but I plan on seeking it out whenever I can.

I want to truly enjoy these 4 days off especially since starting Tuesday I am on a bus trip with 80 alumni to Washington, D.C.
Who doesn’t dream of sharing 1 bathroom over a 10 hour trip with 40 other people?

Happy Christmas Eve Eve everyone… 


The Lord of My Movie Loving Heart

What is the point of torturing me for 12 more months with this brilliance?

Showing me this an entire year in advance is like telling me there are free Coach purses at the mall but I can’t go.
Or letting your kids play with a puppy or kitten for a few hours then telling them you have to take it back because dad’s allergic.

Thankfully, today is my Friday and as an added bonus we are being let go at 2pm today!
The next day I have to work is Tuesday and that will be for the Military Bowl bus trip where I get to spend over 24 hours on a bus over the course of 3 days.  Sounds thrilling, right!?
After 3 days away from home then I’ll get to come home to New Years Eve and my first race of the new year: The Hangover Classic 5K.  Ahhh, finally a hungover run. Just what I needed.

Either way, at least I’ll be spending the first day of my year doing something better for my body as I proceed to spend the rest of the day eating ice cream and garlic bread.

This whole ‘marathon training’ thing isn’t going as well as I had planned.  Sure, last week was the first week of training.  Sure, I only ran 1 of my 4 scheduled runs.  Sure, that is totally failing at life.  But I did vow that this week would be better.
And so far I have run exactly 0 of my 4 runs…Yeah.  Better my ass.
So today I will run 3, tomorrow 3, Saturday 5 and Sunday 8.  Yup, I am running on Christmas Eve and Christmas…mostly because we really don’t have tons of plans.

Unless I find a way to skip all of my runs, eat anything I want and still coast through the marathon.
 I made a running schedule for a reason, I just need to stick to it.  It is way too easy to skip a run when it is raining, or dark, or light, or sunshiney, or any day.

How do you make yourself get out the door and run?
Any amazing holiday plans? 

Rossford Rudolph 5K plus a light show

Last Saturday I ran in the Rossford Rudolph 5K.  This was a relatively small race located at a community center only 4 miles away from my house.  Less driving = happiness for everyone.
This race had zero spectators, probably because it was under 20* and it was lightly snowing, but it did have some amazing police support.
There were law enforcement officials at every major intersection and an entire lane of the street was blocked off for runners…not too bad!
Here I am as I lined up at the start line, you’ll notice I am in the back of the pack!

The entire race was through neighborhoods and we had a few good spots where we had a view of the Maumee River but otherwise, this was it:
This is probably only an issue with short runners.
Let me rephrase that.
This is probably only an issue with short runners who don’t have over $75 to spend on running tights that come in specific lengths.
After a run my tights are bunched up around my knees.  Look at all of that excess material gone to waste on my 61″ of height.

But on the other hand…don’t my knees look dead sexy with this bunching?
I know, right?!

After I pretended to clean the house we took the kids back to Rossford (it’s a city) to look at Christmas lights.  Not just any lights but one of those houses that times its’ lights to music.  Tune to a certain radio station and park in front of their house for 25 minutes and you’ve got a night that’ll make even the chattiest 4 year old boy shut up.
Sure, I may be talking about Brady.  That boy talks like he gets paid per word.

The show was really great though, the time that gets put into this is just astounding to me.

Now that I am caught up on Saturday I need to figure out where the last 2 days went, I had great intentions on writing, but life seemed to have happened.

Are you ready for your holiday season? 

Oh, how I wish I had kept my NKOTB Hangin’ Tough cassette…

This is perhaps the most awkward and amazing part of my new car.

6 disc CD Changer = normal as can be for 2007 (year of the car).
But the cassette player?  Really?  2007 was not part of the decade of the cassette or even within 10 years of the decade of the cassette.
What kind of motherfucker thinks a 6 disc CD Changer and a cassette player mix in this car?

But now I kinda want to find a cassette, play it, then remember why I hated cassettes.
Anyone want to send me one? 

silver will have to become my new color

Merry Christmas to me…Ah, isn’t buying yourself gifts just as fun as getting them?
Sure it is.
You know you’ll like what you get, you can return it without pissing anyone off and you didn’t have to wait for it.
Even though I technically buy myself gifts all year…it’s called shopping.
And I love to do it. Hell, the grocery store gets my shopping skills excited.

Yesterday, on my lunch hour, I went shopping.
And I came out with this look on my face…
Well, the blurry part is just my crummy camera phone. Quality pictures are kinda my thing.

This is my ‘I just bought a new (to me) car on my lunch hour, all by myself, OMG I’m really an adult now‘ look.

You’ll remember my old car.  My beloved Jeep Grand Cherokee.  She served me well for 3 whole years.

Yesterday I traded her in for a new love.  My 2007 Nissan Murano SL:
 She is simply fabulous.  Leather, heated seats, sun roof, better gas mileage, low mileage on the car….Ah……everything I’ve wanted in a beautiful car.
For you local folks: I bought her at Grogan’s Towne on Telegraph.  I had never been there or even driven past it…but I took a chance on my new friend John Byrne and he totally came through for me.  John didn’t ‘sell’ me one bit nor did he make me feel stupid for being a 30 year old girl who knows very little about buying cars.  I told him my firm number and he found a way to make it happen.  I would easily find my way back to Grogan’s Towne for another vehicle purchase.

I am not a huge silver car fan.  Eh, it’s overdone.
But I wasn’t a fan of the tan Jeep either, but it warmed up to me enough that I wanted to dump paint all over it.

So for now I am reading the owners manual to find out how to do simple things like plug my phone charger in…OMG, they have everything hidden in this car.

Tonight I have run #2 for marathon training, hope it stops raining!

Chub Rub & Glass City Marathon training begins

You know when you’ve had a pair of pants for a few weeks months and you start to wear away the part where your inner thighs rub together and create enough friction to start a forest fire that Smokey the Bear would hate to see?

Yeah, after I got to work I noticed that I could just about see through the inner thigh of my pants.  Totally work appropriate, no?

Do I run out and buy a new pair of khaki’s even though I just know they don’t have short sizes? Do I run home and change?  Do I suck it up and see how the almost hole lasts throughout the day?

This is what stinks about having thighs that touch.  Pants just don’t have the lifespan that they do on someone whose thighs have never touched.  I generally like my legs, they are large and strong from playing soccer and now from running…I just wish my forest fire starting thighs would go easy on my pants.  Or at least give me a warning that I am about to rip through them…a countdown so to speak.  My pants should have a number on the tag telling me how many more times I can wear them out in public until the hole bursts open and my chubby thigh is exposed to the world. My tag number would have said 0 today.  Meaning throw those 5 year old khaki’s that are very comfortable on you away…this instant!

But nope.  I am wearing pants that have the almost hole…the almost hole that is too close to skin for comfort.  Once again I ask, why can’t the american clothing maker design a pair of pants that won’t fall apart?

Ranting aside…I did my first run for my marathon training today, 3.1 miles!

I am basically not too happy to get up at 5:45am, even to run.  5:45am should be banned from a time which you wake up.  Unless you are going on vacation.  Or picking up a lottery check or something.

I ran a slow 3.1 miles and was totally prepared for the dark and the cold.
I just wasn’t prepared to be so tired.  I need to go to bed earlier in order to have enough energy for this I think.
I did wear my Nathan vest, a reflective headband and some reflective straps around my ankles.  I was as bright as a Christmas tree.
I should learn how to smile in pictures…I’m sure it would be much more entertaining that way.
Do you run in the morning or afternoon?
Any tips on how to wake up more for my morning runs?   And don’t say coffee because that is disgusting.

Slip & Slide 6K

Ah…Saturday mornings.  They are fabulous when you aren’t hung over, cleaning up after a dog mess or getting up early to do something you loathe.  I spent last Saturday morning with my local running club, Toledo Roadrunners for the Slip & Slide 6K.

This race was entirely on country roads, I think 1 car passed us during the race.  And nope, I am not making typo’s, it was a 6K.

The worst best part of running in December through March in Ohio is the extremity of temperatures and the possibility for snow at any given moment.  Luckily I didn’t have to battle the snow, only the sub 20* temperatures.  Apparently I left my brain at home because I forgot to bring my camera.  This would have been a boring picture race, scenery wise, so I would have improvised with funny faces instead.

This race was only $1 for club members so it was the perfect price for my 30 races while 30 challenge.  I could deal with some cheaper races!  But in recap…the race was cold, I ran in it, didn’t win and didn’t die from the cold.  Winning!

In other parts of the world…

I realized that I have been terribly forgetful about There Are Two Sides recently.
I know you will all get sick of me bitching about marathon training …so I’ll balance it out with cutesy kid pictures.

Here is a teaser for tomorrow’s post: