2018 Mercy Health Glass City Marathon

Mercy Health Glass City Marathon weekend is almost here. Are you ready?
I certainly am not. I don’t think I’m ever ready for a distance race. I am built for sprinting, not distance. For some reason I keep taking on the distance runs. I think it is because I want to challenge myself to also chase that new PR. I also think it is because they don’t have sprint races, only running.


If you haven’t double checked all of your information for the race, head over to RunSignUp.com and look at your upcoming events in your profile. Make sure that your race, shirt size, name you want on your bib, etc… are all correct. Last day to make changes is Saturday, March 31.

With race day under four weeks away, this is crunch time everyone!


  1. Yeah, running long distance can definitely put you in the zone. I find it extremely meditative. I wish you all the best on this endeavor!

  2. Running always helps you to lose the fat no matter what. Hard work always pays off. The more you sweat the more chances to lose the weight. Keep sharing your body changes.

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