The Pumpkin Spice Craze

Is amazing. I mean, some things are utterly ridiculous. I saw pumpkin spice flavored cough drops and that is going a little too far for me. But, I love the baked goods and candy that taste like a spicy pumpkin.

I am not a coffee girl so I am anti-latte, but I’m a total basic white girl when it comes to buying all the things with this flavor. I currently have three brands of yogurt in my fridge that are all pumpkin flavored. I need to find all of the many candies, cookies, and treats that have been released this year with this delectable flavor and buy them all. I am especially looking forward to the pumpkin spice Oreo’s. Those are perfection.

Happy pumpkin spice season!
What is your favorite pumpkin spice item?
OR, do you hate the entire craze?

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