Happy 6th Birthday, Bo!

I am well aware that my pup doesn’t have access to the internet and can’t read very well. That won’t stop me from throwing out a Happy Birthday to him though.

Happy Birthday to my Bo, my Jobs, my Ja-Bo, my Bo Bo, my Bo Schem, my Bo Schembechler (when he’s in trouble), my Joby (pronounced Job-E), my dude, and any other nickname that I have given him that I forget right now.

I brought Bo home in October 2011 when he was 13 weeks old and eight pounds, and from day one he was obviously my dog. He was attached to me and has been my best friend ever since. He listens, he cheers me up when I need it, he loves to get me out of the house for walks, he kisses to the point of molesting sometimes – and with an uncanny knack of a sneak-attack kiss inside the mouth or nose. Yeah, it’s awesome.

These pictures are from the first two days he was at home with me. Our first selfie, our first romp in the leaves, and just an all around great day. I still remember it like it was six years ago…
His ears have grown so much!

As I mentioned, he has a way of a sneak-attack kiss. You think you’re taking a regular selfie, then you’re really catching his tongue in action. The top left is a great example. He has frog-tongue reflexes, I swear it. That kiss happened in a millisecond. He is most definitely a lover. 

Bo will only sleep on blankets or pillows. And more often than not, his head is propped up on a pillow. Sometimes he takes over my pillow when I get up in the morning. He gives me the stink-eye when I don’t do what he wants. I get him Mr. Freeze’s bow-wow sundae each year, because…it’s Mr. Freeze, best ice cream in town. This kid loves a walk along the Maumee River, too. He will sit with me forever, just people watching and enjoying the views. 

I can’t say enough how much Jobs means to me. Anyone with a pet that brings them joy knows that they aren’t a pet, they are a family member. He brings me so much happiness that I can’t put it into words.

Happy 6th Birthday, Jobs. I hope to spend many, many more with you.


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