Because Excessive Sweating is Awesome

There are a lot of things I can handle weather-wise. I can handle chilly, warm, and even the sub-zero temperatures that NW Ohio supplies, but what I can’t handle is extreme heat.
My definition of too hot is 80+ and definition of extreme heat that makes me stabby is 90+.

This weekend we’ll experience some temperatures in the 80s and even the 90s. No. Just no. Bet your ass I will not be hanging around outside unless forced.

I like to save my stabby heat for vacations where I know I’m going to be hot, but also have a pool or the ocean nearby.
I am not a fan of walking outside and sweating for no reason other than the heat. There is nothing more fun than hugging someone hello or goodbye and touching their sweaty shirt, right? If I’m going to sweat uncontrollably, I want to earn it with a run or some other form of fun. No one likes to have a sweaty set of undergarments to sit in all day (am I right, ladies?)!

Do you like the heat?
What is your favorite temperature range?



  1. Thanks for information.

  2. I actually love the heat and to sweat! I sweat more than my husband when it’s hot out. I can do hot, but hot and muggy is when I’m with ya on staying in doors!

  3. I like heat, but I hate to sweat. So I do exercise only at gym with air-conditioner

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