Well, Hear This & I Need Binge Watching Recommendations

This past Monday, I had surgery on my left ear. It was a follow-up surgery from the tube I had put in this past October. I had significant enough hearing loss post-surgery that it needed to be checked out. During the operation he found another hole in my ear drum that was not found during the first surgery (and wouldn’t have been).

The tube was removed and the holes in my ear drum were patched with some skin from just inside my ear. Pretty bad ass if you ask me, but it would be even better if I could see in there myself. I would love to see what it looks like right now. Being overly Type A most of the time, I am stressed about the entire situation. I have no clue what a normal recovery process is for this kind of surgery, and I am going nuts with every change that I encounter.

As of today, my pain is a little more fierce and my hearing level has gone from (what feels like) around 40% of normal to 10% of normal. I assume it is just from swelling and healing, but if I still have this level of hearing loss tomorrow morning, I’ll be worried. I mean, I like hearing and all, and after 35 years I feel like I’ve almost mastered it.

I also feel totally debilitated when it comes to things like this. I can’t do anything about it and I have no idea what to expect. I am trying to get out each day to keep up with chores, errands, and to keep my energy levels up but it is all crazy exhausting.

I’m not allowed to gym or run until I’m healed and it’s driving me batty. Just today, my newest issue that freaks me out, is that the vision in my left eye is…off. I put my contacts in as I do every day and I thought that it was just old, so I put another one in. I had the same issue with that one and decided to try a third. At that point, I took the hint that it was my eyesight. I haven’t had issues with my contacts/eyesight in a million years. There is no way it is just a simple coincidence, right? Ear swelling/surgery and sight issues…

I’ll just wait for the pain to stop, the swelling to go away, my hearing to return, and life to get back to normal. Until then, I’m having huge trouble finding something to binge on Hulu or Netflix!!
Recommendations, please!


  1. Your vision might well be affected by the swelling from your surgery, tweaking a nerve.

    I’ve never had surgery on my ear but I feel for you on the hearing. I had an ear infection a few years ago and I couldn’t hear out of one ear; I felt so vulnerable because you really do rely on your hearing to locate people, recognize approaching sounds, etc…

    I really hope this surgery will take care of any lingering issues you had!

    Netflix recommendations:
    The Great British Baking Show. Three glorious seasons of feel-good TV. The only side effect is a constant desire to visit a bakery.
    The Eccentrics: 2 stories per episode of eccentric people.
    Star Trek. The original is just so Star Trekky…TNG is gloriously 90s futuristic.

    Casey Neistadt vlogs. He did a daily vlog for 2 years and just started up again. He’s a great storyteller of everyday life–just an engaging guy.
    Jenna Marbles. Her tutorial “trolling” amuses me to no end for some reason. Some of her videos are more fun than others.
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  2. If you had sudden change of your sight, go see your optometrist ASAP. They can do a quick eval and compare with previous results. The surgery you had- tympanoplasty will not affect your vision at all.

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