2016 Boy Scout Half Marathon & Tenderfoot 5k

Guess who got their laptop back!!! They did a factory reset and nothing else on it, so I need to reload everything and customize it again. I loathe doing all of this, especially since I just did it six months ago.

Now that I am feeling better from my small injury after knee surgery #6, I am working on building strength so I can get back to running. I am loving my time in the gym and I am so happy I am back to lifting, but I miss a good run.
Plus, I have a half marathon to train for so I need to get my running legs back! I’m running the Boy Scout Half Marathon on September 3. I have run this race twice before and have enjoyed it, even though September is known for some hot temperatures here in NW Ohio.

The second time I ran the race was the longest run I had put in on my new running shoes at the time, my Mizuno Wave Sayonara’s. This is a minimalist shoe that didn’t give any of the support that my knee needs so I pulled a muscle and limped from mile 9-13. Needless to say, NOT my best race in any way. This is my comeback race. That was the last time I wore those shoes for running. They are now my lifting shoes.

I can start running again either this Friday or next Tuesday. From today, we are eight weeks out from the Boy Scout Half Marathon. I’ll train my ass off in a way that will keep my knee¬†happy and if I need to walk some of the half marathon, then I walk some. I’m not out for a PR, I’m just out to get back to racing and have some fun!

Do you want to run on September 3rd, but you’re not in half marathon shape or out to run a 5k? The Tenderfoot 5k is an excellent choice!

Not only is the half marathon a great choice to kick off your fall race season, but it is inexpensive at only $40 until August 19th! Any runner will tell you that $40 is an incredible deal, especially with a tech shirt and a medal for all finishers. The Tenderfoot 5k is currently only $30!

I am pretty sure that I am going to need a lot of high-five’s and some moral support on race day. I have the absolute best running family, so I know they’ve got my back!
Boy Scout Half Marathon…watch out!
Schwartz is going to (cautiously) kick some ass down in Bowling Green on September 3rd!

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