May The Schwartz Be With Me – Knee Surgery #6

Today is the day!
Knee surgery #6. I am ready. I have been mentally and physically ready for this for months, so I am not nervous at all. I am excited because the sooner I have this done, the sooner I can get back to to running and lifting my lower body.schwartz

One question I am getting lately – What is your doc doing during your surgery/What is wrong with your knee?
No freaking clue. He won’t know until he digs inside my knee either. We speculate that my tibia is catching or rubbing on something (blue arrow), or that my tibia may be chipping little pieces of bone. I have had pain in other areas of my knee as well, but that is the major complaint I have.

My awesome knee on the left is pretty bad ass looking compared to the normal and boring knee on the right. It’s fun to see the side by side. My knee is slightly compacted (purple arrow) where I have had a lot of cartilage work done over the past 19 years, but everything else look fairly normal considering. What is the thing on my x-ray on the top left? A femoral fixation device. What does it do? Some of my hamstring was re purposed as my new ACL ¬†and the fixation device is holding it in place at my femur. I had a screw that used to be holding the other end of my new ACL in place, but I had it removed in 2001 because it hurt like a sonofabitch through my skin. I still have the screw.
2016-05-03 09.04.52Surgery is scheduled for 12:30 p.m. today and as soon as I am awake enough to fill you in on the magic that my knee produced, I’ll let you know!
Happy May the Fourth!

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