Knee Surgery #6 Update

This is by far the easiest surgery I have ever had. I was off of pain meds in 24 hours and my balance is fantastic so I don’t need to walk with a crutch. I have minimal swelling and minimal pain. Couldn’t be going any better really.

So, what did the surgeon do to my knee?
We originally thought that my tibia was rubbing/catching on something and causing my discomfort. Wrong.
I had a large tear in my lateral meniscus that was catching every single time I bent my knee. Every. Single. Time.
The tear was smoothed out and I have no more clicking feeling.
12016-05-05 16.06.44Naturally, he checked out my entire knee for any issues. After this many years of wear and tear from my initial injury, there is always going to be something extra to clean up. In surgery #5 in 2012, he found that my femur was chipping bone and smoothed it out. Instead of tibia issues this time as we thought, he found another femur issue. The end of my bone looks completely torn up! He smoothed it and I’m good to go.12016-05-05 16.06.58I am surprised that there was another issue with my femur and that nothing was going on with my tibia.

Thank you to everyone who sent me well wishes and prayers for a safe surgery and speedy recovery. For everyone who said they hope this is my last surgery and this fixes my knee….well, I’ll probably have another six of them in my lifetime. Those six will probably be in the next 20 years actually. It seems lately that I need some sort of repair every 3-4 years.
Running and lifting don’t hurt my knee, they help by keeping my knee strong. My initial injury at age 15 is the only thing causing all of my knee issues.

With my recovery going so well, I have a feeling that my physical therapy will do the same and running and lifting won’t be too far off!


  1. As someone who has also had multiple knee surgeries and loves to run, I too have answered the same ‘Are you sure running isn’t hurting your knees even more?!’ question. 🙂 Like you, my knee issues are not caused or exacerbated by running – running/fitness helps them!

    Anyway, cheers to a speedy recovery!

  2. This post gives a ton of insight into what happens to the knee when this particular injury occurs. It looks painful, but I’m glad to hear you had such a speedy recovery! Surgery can sometimes be a little nerve wracking, but posts like this are very comforting and assuring. Great article! Thanks so much for sharing!

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