2016 Mercy Health Glass City Marathon Race Recap

Another Glass City Marathon is in the record books and already we’re planning the race for 2017. Mark your calendar for Sunday, April 23, 2017 and plan on running one of the races the Glass City Marathon has to offer!
GCM-ambassador-750-logoMy great team of Ambassadors helped me run the information table at the expo on Saturday, April 23. We receive SO many questions and hopefully we were able to give some helpful answers. My team, from left to right, is Sarah, Dean, me, Jess, Lisa and Tom. They were all so helpful during the 40th running of the Glass City Marathon.2016-04-23 13.01.22-2Leading up to the marathon, I babied my knee so that it would last through 26.2 miles. I know that I did the right thing because all 14.5 miles of the race it didn’t really hurt at all. Come again? Only 14.5 miles out of 26.2? Yeah, I couldn’t finish the race. My heart issue, mitral valve prolapse with a lot of regurgitation, only gives me trouble sometimes when I run. It picks and chooses. Since I started my new med in December, I have had zero issues. ZERO, which is crazy amazing. My heart is pumping more efficiently and I am now around 2 minutes per mile faster in only four short months. That is so much speed that it is unreal.
I said that my heart picks and chooses when it acts up. Naturally, since it hasn’t acted up in four months, it would select the culmination of my 16 weeks of training to be an ass to me. I chose to get a DNF on marathon #2.

The first 8 or 9 miles I ran about :10 slower than race pace, which is as good as dead on for me. The next five miles were torture. I had some chest pain but I really had issues breathing. I had so much pressure on my lungs that I was gasping for air. To someone who doesn’t know my background, it sounds and looks like I am having an extreme asthma attack. Thank goodness my running buddy Chris was with me. He made it all easier to deal with and let me know that it was okay if I quit.

Here I am around mile 12+ high-fiving my amazing friend’s daughter…and I look crazy rough here. I was in the middle of deciding whether to quit or not.
2016-04-24 21.07.29I sat down at the 14.5 mile water stop and cried my ass off. I KNOW it was the best decision to make, that doesn’t mean it was the easy decision. I waited around 15 minutes for the sag wagon to pick me up. I cried the whole way back to the start/finish line of the race. Then I got in my car, changed my shirt and shoes and cried like an idiot in the car. I KNOW I did the right thing…it just bummed me out, as it would anyone. The bitch of it is that I babied my knee all season to make it last and it barely hurt during the marathon. Isn’t life funny?

This marathon was my comeback marathon from my epic fail in 2012 where my knee decided to break apart during the race. Now I’ll just have to make the 41st Glass City Marathon my comeback comeback marathon. Nothing like a little advanced planning to cheer me up.

I’ll be back to running in around eight weeks and I have high hopes for my knee at that point.

I loved every minute of the 40th running of the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon and I am proud to be a small part of the race committee. The expo and the race ran incredibly smooth and I heard nothing but amazing things about the weekend.

How was your Glass City Marathon race?


  1. Yep, my marathon involved crying like a hot mess too 🙂 Sucks about the heart issues. I too was SUPER impressed with your new heart meds and hope they work for you in the future, because I know you’ll be out there crushing it super soon with the knee fix up you’re getting. Hope your recovery is going well!
    Lisa @ TechChick Adventures recently posted…What’s up lately, and Oh the pain!My Profile

  2. I know it wasn’t the race you wanted but you did what you could and listened to your body (something I totally suck at). You’ll be back and better than ever next year for it and will kick its ass!

  3. Krista says:

    Every GCM has been special–2012 was my first marathon, in 2013 I ran the half, 2014 was a six-minute PR (after a PR just a week prior), and in 2015 I qualified for Boston. This year was different but just as awesome as the others in its own way. I got to pace the 3:55ers, which included many people from my MIT family. So much fun running with the intent to help others achieve a goal. I REALLY hope that I can pace again in 2017!

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  5. Outstandingly Admirable!!! Such an amazing post with nicest pics. Thanks a lot for sharing your moments. Looking forward for more.

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