Use the Racejoy App to Track Your GCM Runners

We’re two days out from the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon!
Just wow. Crazy ass wow.GCM-ambassador-750-logoDo you want to know how your friends and family members are doing during the races this Sunday? You can use the Racejoy app to get updates for up to 20 runners. The progress alerts will be sent to your phone each time your runner crosses a timing mat on the course. You’ll receive information such as their location and their estimated finish time. The runner does NOT have to carry their phone for this feature.100x97x2c9d449f6b7de6032ab2e7f18d860c44_f321.pagespeed.ic_.rNdGV-1uXjWhen you download the app and you also have the opportunity to pay for the upgraded features that allow you to track a participant’s phone on a map using RaceJoy’s PhoneTrak feature. There are also advanced tracking features like proximity alerts and Meet Up that provide extra help to those spectators that are at the race site. This upgrade also includes Send-a-Cheer, which are fun audio clips spectators can send to participants the days leading up to the race and on race day. The runner DOES have to carry their phone for this feature.
495x412xbae47430440ef6a2d9dd8c0939a68256_f325.pagespeed.ic_.yDU691ZNBYThe app is available for iPhones and Android devices.
Make sure to turn your push notifications to ON for the tracking feature to work.

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