My Favorite Race Day Signs

If you are a spectator who wants to bring a sign to hold as you watch runners pass I have a fun list for you.
There are SO many signs online if you want to go and search them out, but here are my favorites…

Because…it’s Christopher Walken. You can never go wrong with him.8a7e144dc4470db61503f3c1c60c84cf-300x300These kinds of signs piss me the fuck off, because I’m never ‘almost there.’ I don’t think the non-runners understand what ‘almost there’ means. BUT, following up any sign with ‘that’s what she said’ instantly makes any sign hilarious.funniest-race-signs-at-a-race-01Again, another ‘that’s what she said.’ Instantly funny as hell. funniest-race-signs-at-a-race-05And completely true…funniest-race-signs-at-a-race-08 But he’s still a major bad ass.funniest-race-signs-at-a-race-10funniest-race-signs-at-a-race-24
I really love ‘I trained all week to hold this sign,’ I’ve never seen that one before. And ‘Worst Parade Ever’ is always a fan favorite. gallery-imagesThis one is my favorite by far!!Austin-Marathon-race-sign-300x191
Before the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon and Owens Corning Half Marathon course changes, both races would run through Wildwood Metropark and split when they reached the University Parks Trail. When you got to the trail, there was always a sign that said ‘Oh, Split!’ And I laughed like a fool every single time I saw it. I am really hoping that they have the sign at the new spot where the two races split this year, I can always use a chuckle early on.

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