6 DAYS & 7.1 Miles

Hahahahaha!! 7.1 miles.
I had to miss track night for work.
I ran on Thursday and then I ran only 1/3 of my Saturday mileage before my knee gave out on me.GCM-ambassador-750-logo

Am I nervous about 26.2 miles in 6 short days?
No lying about that.

I have given my knee free reign on telling me when I can and can’t run. In 6 days I tell my knee to STFU and I call the shots. I am ready for the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon to get here so I can (hopefully) shock myself with an amazing finish time.
I did alter my goal finish time over the last few weeks. I have a time that I would just die if I hit-it would be epic. A time that I would love to hit and feel like I really earned. And a time that if I hit, I will be happy with because my knee is a whore and I made it through the race in one piece.

I still have 6 more days to completely freak out, let the self induced stress begin!


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