4 Weeks & 8 Miles

It’s not often I say it, but I am extremely ready for my next knee surgery. I am sick of having my knee be an issue with my running schedule because 8 miles is totally ridiculous. Two weeks ago I had the same knee issues and only hit 8 miles, then the next week I killed 15.5 miles. I’m not too worried about not getting to the start line. That is my #1 goal right now – the starting line. After that it’s all mental.

I did discover that my brand new running shoes are already finished. My wear pattern is the same, so I know my gait hasn’t changed at all with my new speed. The issue is that I am missing around 200 miles on my new shoes. After thinking long and hard about this, I truly believe that running on the track did them in. You can easily see the orange tint to my new shoes and the track is bright orange – seems to fit. With how hard I push off with my left foot, it just ripped up the shoes. So, guess who gets to buy new shoes to break in before the race!? By the time I get them, I’ll have 3 weeks to break them in…I hope that is enough time. 2016-03-24 12.07.27

Monday – 0 miles

Tuesday – 3.5 miles
Speed workout at the Perry Field House on the campus of BGSU (Talons Up!). Our workout for the night was 3 x 1600 with 3 min rest (I). I sat out a couple of laps to rest my knee and it was well worth it. Some days I have killer knee pain and some days I don’t. On Tuesday, I didn’t but still played it safe.

Wednesday – 0 miles

Thursday – 0 miles

Friday – 0 miles

Saturday – 0 miles  I had a crazy bad migraine all night and running wasn’t happening. Hell, getting out of bed wasn’t happening.

Sunday – 4.5 miles  Yeah, that is definitely not the 19 miles that were on the schedule. In mile 2 the knee pain started…in a totally new spot than before. A text to my orthpaedic surgeon shed some light that it could be scar tissue build up, plica tissue getting trapped due to inflammation…and a few more maybe’s. But, they are all maybe’s until May the 4th when my knee is cracked open for #6. Either way, I am okay to run on it even with the pain! So, now I just need to grin and bear the pain during my runs.

The long run this coming weekend is 22 miles. This will be a make or break run for me mentally. I know that I can get through the full, my brain is set to it. I just need to prove it to myself that it’ll happen.

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