Rossford Rudolph Run 5k Recap

I haven’t run the Rossford Rudolph Run 5k since 2011. So, when the Rossford Recreation Center invited me to run the race again this year, I jumped at the opportunity.

My finish time in 2011 was 36:54. Four years later, I killed that former race time. I even set a new PR at this race. My former PR was 33:13, set back in 2011. Seriously, it’s an oldie.
After I crushed my MacQueen’s Run For Your Life 10k time and PR’d by over 8 minutes, I knew I had to set a new 5k PR before the year was out. The Rossford 5k was the last race I was registered for so it was now or never. Well, not never, there are still a few more 5k’s this year, but I wanted to just get it finished.

I’ve been having a little more heart trouble than normal this year, so I was cautiously optimistic on what I was shooting for. I ran a practice 5k three days ago, wearing shorts and short sleeves, and ran at a 10:15 pace. That gave me hope that I could run at the same pace at the 5k to PR.
Typical Ohio, it was around 30* colder today than it was a few days ago for my practice, plus it was snowing. The cold didn’t seem to hold me back too much, because I hit a 10:20 pace during the race, finishing in 32:04. This gave me a 1:09 5k PR! I finished the year on a high note. Little did I know, but it was going to get better for me.
2015-12-19 10.26.05

I almost never stay for the awards presentation at races because I’m slow and never place. I was catching up with some of my race friends who I hadn’t seen in six+ months and decided to stick around. Thankfully I did, because I placed second out of six in my age group! It wasn’t even an automatic top three, I actually earned this one.2015-12-19 14.56.08 My award was this great stocking! I can tell you that it will now be a staple in my holiday decorating, I am proud of this sucker! And you’re witnessing Bo demolish Yoda’s head. The Force isn’t working too well for Yoda tonight.2015-12-19 22.31.09Ending my 2015 race year with this PR and top three has made this a very memorable year for me.
If you haven’t run this race before, look into it for 2016. I’ll almost guarantee that it’ll be cold and it may even snow, but it is a great course and very well run.

When was the last time you hit a new PR?


  1. Congrats…a PR is a great way to wrap up a year. Enjoy the accomplishment and use it for motivation for GCM training.

    I managed a PR at this year’s Churchill Half Marathon…something that seemed unlikely due to the hilly course. My next PR goal is a full marathon PR at Glass City in 2016.

  2. Awesome! Congrats on the PR. That’s a great way to end the year:) I sorta kinda plan on trying to get “faster” next year but we’ll see.

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