2015 Race Review

Looking back, I’m surprised that I ran a total of eight races this year. Off the top of my head, I could only name four. This was a very lax running year for me. I didn’t run all of the normal races that I have in years past, but 2016 is already shaping up to be busy. I already have nine races on my calendar for the first four months of the new year and I have a feeling I’ll add one or two to the list. With as crazy as my calendar is going to be, why not add more races in there, right? Money grows on trees now, did you know that? Which is great news since I’ll need a new pair of  Mizuno Wave Paradox running shoes shortly.

My 2015 races were…interesting. I didn’t start caring about my finish times until October. Seriously, I just didn’t care. The remainder of the year I was psyched for some PR’s. I ended up with a new 10k and 5k PR to finish the year. I was desperately hoping for a half PR, but after having the worst race of my life health-wise at Churchill’s, that was a no-go. I wish I had another half scheduled in the next few months so I could try again for my PR and redeem myself.

January 1
Hangover Classic 5k
35:01 – pace: 11:17

January 11
Donut Dash 5k
35:48 – pace: 11:32

February 7
Blizzard Breakfast Run 3.5 miler
Ran with a friend at their pace

April 26
Glass City Marathon 5k
35:08 – pace: 11:20

October 11
MacQueen’s Run For Your Life 10k
1:06:45 – pace: 10:45 (PR by 8:27)

November 14
Churchill’s Half Marathon
2:35:59 – pace: 11:54

November 26
Dave’s Turkey Chase 5k
Ran with a friend at their pace

December 19
Rossford Rudolph Run 5k
32:04 – pace: 10:20 (PR by 1:09)

I start my new heart medicine today and after the titration period has ended, I should see the full effect of the ‘governor’ for my heart rate while running or doing any sort of cardio specific exercise. Couldn’t come at a better time, as Dave’s Marathon In-Training program starts in seven days!

How many races did you run in 2015? Or, how many miles did you run?
I haven’t tracked my miles in years…maybe 2016 is the year that I’ll do it all year.


  1. Nice job on the PRs at the end of the year! That is a great way to finish the year and start a fresh new year with a positive feeling and outlook!

    It looks like I ran 597.8 miles in 2015. 2015 was a slower year for me and a transition of many sorts, so not many races in my new home. I look to change that and get my mileage up in 2016…

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