One Week & The Medal Reveal

Exactly one week from today is New Year’s Day.
Exactly one week from today is when people everywhere will make the resolution to lose weight, hit the gym, start running and about 293 other things.

Look at your goals and resolutions with practicality. Taking baby steps towards your goal is still forward progress and shouldn’t be thought less of.
Say you want to start running and have this goal of running 20 miles per week. Trouble is that you haven’t run in forever. I am no doctor, but I am fairly certain that your body may not be happy with that and could easily lead to injury. Slow and steady is the best way to build your mileage.
Say you want to lose weight. A lot of people jump in head first and end up injuring themselves in a way. Small changes can lead to huge results. Instead of cutting out every single snack or meal that you adore to eat, try cutting back on them. You won’t feel deprived of the food that you love, and by eating less, you’ll be working towards losing the weight you want. By cutting them out entirely, you are setting yourself up for failure, such as binging or falling off the wagon all together.

If you want to finally run that 5k, half marathon or marathon in 2016-consider the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon races. I mean, take a look at the sweet ass medals here. Who wouldn’t want to hang one of these around their neck for the day, am I right?
My medal rack is going to be beautiful with the marathon medal and the marathon relay medal adorning it. Funny how the medal is the best part of the race in some ways.
2015-12-25 18.02.12What do you think of the medals for 2016?
Which one do you want hanging around your neck on April 24, 2016?

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