All of the Updates

The last two months have brought more changes to my life than I’ve experienced in a years.
While nothing is new, everything is new. I’ll throw a few updates out for those who have asked for them

—> I started running again a few weeks ago. I haven’t run any ‘short’ runs yet, only longs, and they’ve gone really well.

—>I have been lifting consistently again for a few months now. It really couldn’t be going much better. I have some great gainz so far and that is excellent motivation to keep pushing myself.

—>Recently I have learned that I am worth a little more than I thought I was previously and that there is a different way to have someone you care about treat you as person. I know I’m a pretty decent person, but it’s nice for someone besides family to show me┬áthat.

—>The University of Toledo (my employer) has been kicking ass and taking some SEC (Arkansas) and Big 12 (Iowa State) names. I don’t typically get into Rocket football because I graduated from their rival, Bowling Green State University, but if they continue the rest of their season like this, there could be some playoff talk.

—>Today was the first day in years that I went to church. Church. What a foreign word to me. Church. It was frowned upon in my past life, where growing up I went to church every week. It didn’t feel right to go to my previous church right now. The church style itself didn’t seem appealing to me anymore even though I love the Pastor there. The church I went to today was a more ‘alternative’ church compared to most. I didn’t know how I would like it, but I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. Yes, I’ll be going back next week and I’m actually excited to do so.

—>Bo and I have still been taking daily walks. We have walked all over the part of Perrysburg we live in now that he knows exactly which house has dogs. He tends to doddle at those houses, hoping he will get to bark uncontrollably at another dog. Super exciting for me.
2015-09-20 16.24.39And as I review these updates, I realize that they’re pretty lame.
I’ll think of fun things to actually post tomorrow…

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