Bo visits Fort Meigs & Perrysburg > Maumee

Growing up our backyard opened up into Fort Meigs, a state memorial and Ohio’s War of 1812 Battlefield. There was a lot of history living right in our backyard. My brother, Karl, and I had the best childhood roaming around the Fort.
I am trying to take Bo on walks at local parks instead of only around our neighborhood, so Fort Meigs seemed a valuable spot. 2015-04-18 16.39.15

What is Fort Meigs?
General William Henry Harrison built Fort Meigs on the Maumee River in 1813 to protect northwest Ohio and Indiana from British invasion. Today’s reconstruction is one of the largest log forts in America. British and Canadian troops, assisted by Indians under Tecumseh, besieged the fort twice. The 10-acre log enclosure with 7 blockhouses and 5 emplacements presented a formidable defense. The first assault was in May of 1813 and the second was in July. Both failed and the British retreated after the second.

The blockhouses contain exhibits explaining Ohio’s participation in the War of 1812 as well as the life at Fort Meigs. Artifacts recovered from the original fort are on display.

Karl and I would spend hours in the woods just next to the Fort. We would build forts and booby traps for unsuspecting visitors. Essentially, we did something that kids today don’t really do all that often…we played outside AND used our imaginations!!

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Two of the best sledding hills in the area are also found at the park, although, sledding isn’t allowed at all. But, when did the rules apply to something fun, like sledding? Exactly, never.
This is the smaller of the two hills. It is still fast and launches you into the wooded area at the bottom of the hill. I didn’t grab a picture of the crazy steep hill, but it is only for those who don’t mind sledding at a 60* angle towards the Maumee River. Karl actually had someone run over his wrist on a sled and it broke. As a big sister, it was hilarious to me and I taunted him accordingly.
2015-04-18 16.45.51Fort Meigs is in Perrysburg, my hometown and where I currently live. As a senior in high school you know that one of your duties as you enter your final year of mandatory education is painting the old bridge pillars. The goal was to beat our rival, Maumee High School, there and to do a much better job than them. You wanted to paint more than them and get higher than they did. You can still see some of the old artwork on there; the American flag and then in the next picture, you’ll see that Adam ♥ Lauren and the ugly purple and yellow Maumee colors that live there.
2015-04-18 16.48.35I would like to say I remember just who won out my senior year of high school, but I would like to assume that the better of the schools prevailed. Perrysburg Yellow Jackets > Maumee Panthers.
In the background of this picture is the river view of Fort Meigs. The Fort Meigs State Monument stands tall and you can make out some of the log exterior. 
DSCI00111-1024x760Bo had a great time smelling all the things and chasing all the animals. I think I am a better dog mom when I get him out of the neighborhood. The only downside is that other dog owners think Bo is so small and cute, so he MUST meet their dog. Worst idea ever. Bo plays rough, like teeth bared and I want to pretend rip your throat out rough. Most dogs and their owners aren’t ready for that action, so I have to tell them that Bo doesn’t play nicely. Either way, we had a great afternoon at Fort Meigs. Plus, I think I found a new hairstyle that really plays up my facial features.
2015-04-18 16.48.54
Have you ever been to Fort Meigs?
Do you have any historical sites in your city?

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