Diet-to-Go Review and 25% Off Coupon Code

March is here and I am still trying to figure out where January went, let alone February. I am happy that I don’t make any New Year’s Resolutions, because I am far too busy right now to even consider keeping them! I am too busy right now to get anything worthwhile done around the house. When I am overwhelmingly busy like this, I like having my ducks in a row at home. I plan clothes, meals and certain activities in advance so I don’t have any surprises to contend with.

In January, during one of my busiest weeks, I relied on Diet-to-Go meals to get through the week so I didn’t even have to plan my meals in advance. I had five days of breakfasts, lunches and dinners to select from. I am a big believer in quick meals and I am an even bigger believer in a quick meal that is actually good for you. Diet-to-Go is a company that delivers (literally) quick and healthy meals to keep you moving in the right direction.

I had five days of low fat meals to help me through a busy week and I was thankful for them! The new dinner item I tried was Turkey with Asparagus Risotto with vegetables on the side. The vegetables were crisp and fresh and the risotto was creamy and had a lot of asparagus spears in it!2015-02-10 19.06.03A lot of people see a meal-delivery company as something only people who are ‘dieting’ need. Diet-to-Go offers three different menu plans to select from: low fat, vegetarian and low carb. I have tried all three plans and I don’t have a favorite because they all bring something different to the plate. These meals are also good for people who don’t have time to grocery shop, or cook meals for themselves. Not only are they healthy, fresh meals, they are actually delicious! The stigma of delivered, frozen meals is that they are just like the frozen meals you buy at your local grocery store. This is not the case here at all.

If you want to order your own Diet-to-Go meals to try out for yourself you can save 25% with my coupon code: DTGA111. This code is good for the first order of ANY meal plan! If you have allergies or other dietary issues, you can also relay those to Diet-to-Go and they’ll help you to make sure your meal plan works with your specific needs.

Have you ever visited Diet-to-Go? Which meal plan you would like to try?

(The links in this post are affiliate links. I have felt strongly about Diet-to-Go for years and I still love the products that they offer to help people stay healthy.)


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