Wednesday’s Stray Thoughts – Florida & The Plumber

I am heading to Florida on Friday for two work events this weekend. Yes, I’m going to Florida, but I’ll be there for work. I have very little time to actually enjoy what Florida has to offer, but at least I’ll have warm weather to enjoy!

I am probably most excited to get up on Saturday and get a run in. I am only going to run six or seven miles, but there is a great park only miles from my mom’s house and it is beautiful to run there. I ran there last year at this time and loved it! The park has a long causeway that ends at a small oval shaped beach. It is surrounded by beautiful water views. If I lived by the water, I would run there every single day.¬†2015-02-18 09.04.24I also found this article on the 30 Convincing Reasons to Start Running Now. I especially love #14, run outside, which I will essentially accomplish on Saturday with my run in Florida. #19, run with your dog, Bo loves to run with me! Finally, #26, it is a great stress reliever, thankfully. I can’t even begin to tell you how a run has helped me not hit someone in the face with a hammer.

I had to have a plumber come out yesterday. I have had a plumber out for three years in a row now for the laundry room plumbing. In 2013, Jeff and I had just returned from a mini-vacation when we discovered the drain pipe had frozen. In 2014, the drain was fine, but the hot and cold water pipes froze. This year, our hat trick, really was fun. The drain pipe AND both water pipes froze. Yup. The plumber charged me an arm, a leg and a kidney. He had to open up the drywall even more to gain access to the spot in the drain pipe where it froze. He gave me a few tips and I think I’ll be able to handle this on my own if it happens again.
Our pipes are on an exterior wall and there is plenty of insulation surrounding them. The way they are situated, there is a lot of cold air that gets to them. I need to do a MUCH better job at watching the weather forecast. When it his 25* I need to put the washer hoses on a slow drip. Just another reason why being an adult is stupid.

Why do you think that being an adult is stupid?

A few additional thoughts on that include paying bills, not being able to take a mid-day nap, working during the summer and not being able to eat whatever I want and not gain any weight.


  1. We just had to get gutters installed on our house. One grand for stupid plastic pipes. Boo.

    I hope that your part of Florida is warmer than my part of Florida. We are in for a hard freeze tonight, so that will be fun.
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  2. Tips don’t get any easier than this. Put the kettle on or use the stove or microwave if you don’t own a kettle and boil up as much water as it will hold. Now pour it slowly down the drain in two to three stages, allowing the hot water to work for a several seconds in between each pour. This is usually the easiest and quickest way to unclog a drain.

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  4. Passive grease traps are the most common type of grease trap. They consist of a holding chamber with a buffer or series of buffers to slow and cool the waste water. The first buffer makes sure that the waste water enters slowly from the top, and the second lets water out slowly through the bottom.

  5. If you have a wet & dry shop vacuum, it can become a terrific tool to unclog drains. First, set it to vacuum liquids. Cover up the vent to prevent a mess. Then, create the tightest seal you can over the drain. You may want to get creative and adapt an old plunger head for this purpose. With the vacuum turned on its highest setting, it can be powerful enough to draw the clog up the pipe and into the vacuum bag. It doesn’t always work, but it’s worth a shot.

  6. Plumbers who have been in business any length of time can and will give you references. If they cannot, or will not, then consider looking elsewhere. Talking with past customers is one of the best ways to accurately gage the quality of the plumber’s work.

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