From 75* to 0* in Three Hours

That is the temperature swing I had yesterday. 75* to 0*. I was in Tampa and Ft. Myers for work events over the weekend and the weather was fantastic. I generally don’t like the heat in any way, but the temperature was just perfect for me in Florida. When I left Detroit on Friday morning the temperature was -12* and that wasn’t even the wind chill temp. Yesterday when I came home I had that 75* temperature shift within three hours.
Funny thing is that I walked into the 0* weather in a long sleeve shirt and a hoodie. When you live in the cold for so long you get desensitized to it in a way.

On Saturday I had a great five mile run. Only one mile from my moms house in Florida is a great park with walking trails and a short causeway out to a beach. I stopped and took so many pictures that my minutes per mile was higher than normal. My lungs were on fire for the first mile. My heart was acting weird and in response I couldn’t breathe very well. After I got through that, everything was great. I had never actually run on the sand before because the soft sand (and grass and trails) has too much give for my knee. I need stable footing to enjoy my runs. The sand was perfectly packed from the tide receding so I took full advantage. 2015-02-23 14.32.35

During my run it was 55*, which is over 65* warmer than when I left Toledo, so this felt like heaven! The Floridians are hilarious…they were wearing puffy winter coats and hats and gloves, haha! I know that you get acclimated to the area where you live, but it is funny seeing people think that 55* is cold. I got to try out my new FlipBelt during my run. I like the storage that it provides for sure. But I didn’t like how the belt kept sliding up. It started around my hips then always ended up near my natural waist. Ugh. I guess these belts don’t work well with an hourglass shape. I’ll give it a few more tries until I form a final opinion.
The beach was amazing, I had such a great run around the beach and I took the time to enjoy the warm air and beautiful views. Funny, seeing my calf pop through there makes me happy! This is a good reminder to work more on my shoulders and back.

2015-02-23 14.25.44My Mizuno Wave Paradox shoes have never steered me wrong and they were great on the beach on Saturday. If I lived near a beach like this I would run there every single day. 

2015-02-23 14.28.12But now I am back to the frozen tundra that is NW Ohio and I have a high temperature of 21* to look forward to this week. Nothing says welcome home like a negative wind chill temperature.

What is the weather like where you are? 
Are you taking advantage of it?


  1. The weather here is actually literally freezing. 27* in Texas is NOT good! The boys have been out of school yesterday & today due to ice and all of DFW has been shut down! Funny for what you’re used to, huh? The gym was closed yesterday & there was no way I was going outside to run/exercise, so it was my “rest day.” Gym is open today, so I’ll be back at it. I’ve always wanted to run on a beach, I think it’d be amazing!!! And by the way, you look seriously hot doing it 😉

  2. Well, I am one of those hilarious Floridians, all bundled up and blasting the heat LOL! We are doing our best to enjoy our winter, but looking forward to some sunshine after all these rainy, overcast days.

    Stay warm!
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