Special K Brownies Review

Wait. Special K makes Brownies?
Oh, yes they do! And they are seriously delicious. Special K has a huge line up of dessert treats that taste excellent and can help you snack smart as you ease into the new year.
Do you have a New Year’s resolution to lose weight or eat healthier?
Do you have a goal to eat less and treat your body right?
Then these are the snacks that you should stock in your pantry. When you reach for a desserty snack, you can rest easy knowing that they are perfectly-portioned so you won’t have a huge serving!
Special K offers Pastry Crisps, Moments, Fudge Dipped Pretzels and the new Brownies.

Special K had me try their new Special K Chewy Snack Bars last month and they are a new staple for my snacking in the new year. I have been pairing one with some fruit or even a vegetable for a nice afternoon snack. But, I am someone who lives for desserts. It is a very rare occasion that I turn down something desserty. You can say that these brownies didn’t last long. I actually didn’t even share them with the family…I hid them for myself! Desserty snacks are my jam.

The Special K Brownies come in two delicious flavors: Divine Fudge and Heavenly Caramel.

These new Brownies are made with real cocoa, chocolate or caramel chips, and topped with a drizzle of chocolate fudge…all for only 80 calories per bar! Any Brownie that is made with real ingredients and has only 80 calories is one for me.

The Divine Fudge Brownie….

The part of the Heavenly Caramel Brownie that I didn’t eat…

In all honesty, when I first opened the box and saw the size of the Brownies, I was a little worried. I like to essentially gorge myself on my desserts. And this size made me think that I would want a few to feel satisfied.
image2But, they are packed with flavor and I didn’t feel like I wasn’t getting a large enough desserty snack. It was just big enough to be a nice treat. The Brownies are very soft, and while I love some crunchy brownie ‘crusts’ with a mushy middle, these are just like the mushy middle brownies to me. Did that make sense to anyone? I did hide the brownies from my family, but I did share one of each flavor with a friend who eats Special K Pastry Crisps every single day as an afternoon dessert snack. Seriously, every single day. She fell in love with these and found them in the store last week. This is one of her new afternoon dessert snacks.

When do they hit the shelves? NOW!
I found the new Special K Brownies on display at my grocery store! They were next to the new Special K Chewy Snack Bars!2015-01-10 13.09.06-1

If you want more information about Special K and all of their deliciousness you can visit them on Facebook, Twitter and you can always go straight to the source at their website!

Which flavor of Special K Brownie do you most want to try?
My favorite flavor is the Heavenly Caramel, not to say that the Divine Fudge wasn’t good, but the caramel chips were a nice addition to a brownie!

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Special K Brownies.

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