I signed up for my second marathon

I hovered over this page for a long time today. I wasn’t sure if I should do it. If I should push that confirm button. If I hit the button, that means I am signed up to run my second marathon. Am I going to be ready? Is the cold going to deter me again? And geez, 26.2 miles is a really, really long run. ConfirmRun1What crept into my head the most was that the last time I ran the Glass City Marathon, I had to walk the entire second half of the race. I was having some killer knee pain when I ran. I had a bone that splintered 15 years before  when I killed my knee, turned out that the splintered area decided to start chipping during the race. Running with bone fragments in your knee isn’t the most fun thing, I can tell you from experience. Is my knee going to hold up? That is the #1 question.

I finally did it.
After an hour of staring at that CONFIRM button, I finally signed up for my second marathon. I will be running the Glass City Marathon again. I love the course, I love the spectators and I love that it is only 11 miles from my house.


Being an Ambassador for the Glass City Marathon is something that means a lot to me.
I want people to know that slow runners, short runners, heart issue runners, knee issues runners can run a marathon…slowly. 3D-Ambassador-printRes-15logo_Glass-City-Marathon_R2DatenoTitle-towerLogo
I am going to put my all into this training. I am going to get out in the cold ass weather. I am going to run in the snow. I am going to run in the sleet. I am going to get wet feet. I am going to get really tired. I am going to get up early. I am going to be proud of myself.

I am going to run my second marathon.

Have you ever run a marathon or a race that was long for you?


  1. As I type this, I have the registration page for the Indianapolis Mini-Marathon (half) open and was debating if I should do it. I got injured during my first half, was injured going in to my second. I wanted to run in another state and hopefully redeem myself for my crappy finishes. Guess reading my blog feed was the motivation I need! Thank you for being a published slow runner like myself and I hope you rock out the Glass City marathon!

  2. Thanks for the push! I actually was just Googling the Glass City/Owens Corning Half as it is (a) cheaper and (b) closer:) I could even stay at my parents and drive in that morning. Since it’s the week before Indy, my “training plan” would only have to be upped one week:)

  3. Woohoo!! Good job on setting your goal and making the commitment! You’ll do great 🙂

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