A Missed Anniversary?!

I was in Mobile, Alabama over the weekend to attend the GoDaddy Bowl with work. We took a charter plane full of alumni and friends and spent three days enjoying the area. When we were gone I forgot about my 7th blogiversary!


January 3 marked the end of the 7th year of my blogging. My corner of the internet has changed quite a bit, and I may  have a few more changes planned for 2015. I never thought that I would still be writing years later, but I find that it calms me and generally helps to keep me from stabbing people on the street. I have worked with some amazing companies, met some fantastic online friends and I’ve been able to dream of a life where writing is my full-time job.

One of the things that I would like to accomplish this year is to devote more time and energy into making There Are Two Sides a stellar place to visit.
Happy Blogiversary to me!
Thank you for visiting and keeping me going for 7 years!



  1. Jennifer Pug Pug says:

    Wow! Seven years! Congratulations!

  2. TechChick says:

    Indeed, Wow, 7 years!! That’s great. I just glanced at your race calendar and I will most likely be seeing you at the Donut Dash this weekend. I just had to say “donut” and the kids said they were in! I just started a new blog with my Boston training. I think it’s ready for the world now because I have over 10 posts! 🙂 Check it out sometime, when you feel interested in seeing pictures of me and my basement treadmill. Just kidding, but not really.


    • And you have a new follower….yay!
      I talked Carah, her mom and I think Jeff (the husband) in to running the race. Hell, it’s free for me and only $5 for them. I love a free race! I get worried about prediction races though. I always come in later than I think I will because I use my Garmin to push myself a lot. Oh well, see you Sunday in the freezing weather!

      • TechChick says:

        I jumped the gun on that one… I got excited and decided to get hosting at GoDaddy, so I’m moving from the free platform (new address). Still working out the layout and trying to figure a few things out… well, you can read the new one which might look different every time you see it (at least for a week or so)… right now it’s just giving me a headache!

        • I was on Blogger for a year when it was the big thing, then switched to WordPress (self hosted) when I started getting semi-serious. I am now on a semi-private server. I am going to rename and change a little with my blog. I am nervous about the renaming, but my current name has nothing to do with me anymore. I was using a Spaceballs quote when I started all those years ago. I want it to be something about who I am/what I do now.

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