Hangover Classic 5k

I know I am a pathetic adult when I went to bed at 10:30 p.m. on New Year’s Eve. I honestly did. I was tired and my herniated disc was killing me, so I turned in. I slept my way into the new year!

Today I am off to Mobile, Alabama for the GoDaddy Bowl. Toledo is playing on Sunday and my office has chartered a flight and planned three full days of excitement. This means that I am working and providing three full days of excitement for alumni and friends. Yes, I’ll have some of that fun myself, but it is a working trip.

My schedule is pretty strict over the next few days. Everything is planned down to the minute, so I am happy that I got a great run in yesterday. This was my fourth running of the Hangover Classic 5k. I love the simplicity of this race. A simple out and back with a stick finish. It is almost always guaranteed to be cold and windy on the country roads as well.
My time has been all over the place with this race:

2012 – 35:01 (45* – so warm!)
2013 – 39:13 (chilly-under 20*)
2014 – 39:54 (snowed 3″ overnight and this was the start of snowmageddon)
2015 – 35:01 (unofficial time) But seriously…the same time as 2012? That is some ish. was in the low 20*’s

Even though my shirt was covered by my fleece, I was sporting my Glass City Marathon Ambassador shirt for some good luck!


The sun was out during the entire race making the cold a lot more bearable. The crowd was lining up and I was headed to the back of the pack.


This was the view for the majority of the race – in the next few pictures. There isn’t much in the way of aesthetic appeal unless you are in love with country views.

DSC08860DSC08865The U-turn sign is always a beautiful sight to see on an out and back!! Do you agree?
DSC08862And I wish I had looked at the clock when I finished…but for now I have my unofficial time to keep me happy.
DSC08874I would like to think that my huge finish time differences are due to losing almost 40 pounds over the last year. Either way, I felt great today, even though at the beginning of the race I seriously considered turning around and heading straight for my car…

I have a 5 mile run to fit in this weekend while I am in Alabama. I don’t want to save it until Monday when I get home because I will have been awake 24 hours straight without sleep at that point. No exaggeration. Besides, the weather down there should be in the 60*’s and 70*’s!

Did you have a nice first day to the year?


  1. What run pants did you wear for the race? I had icky cold temps here in MI and mine were not liking it:(

  2. TechChick says:

    What, no race pictures with me in them? haha Good to see you. We were highly overdressed for that race. I haven’t been running outside so my last few outdoor runs have not been well dressed. Oh well. I need motivation to get away from the comfort of my treadmill. Which, is where I’m heading right now… 14 miles on the schedule. Knee permitting 😉

    • Hi Lisa! How were your 14? And next time we see each other we’ll have to get that picture!

      • TechChick says:

        Well, I got through it. It wasn’t too bad, but a bit sore afterwards. Nothing a bag of ice wouldn’t fix though! I thought that was pretty cool that they gave away old race shirts at the race. We didn’t care for the previous format where we all had to wait until the end to get. I even found a good fitting tech shirt and Sydney got a Hangover Classic shirt from a previous year.

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