Friday Wants – January 30

There are so many wants. Everyone wants something. I don’t mean world peace or for large weather systems to go away. I mean things. The things that are just things. They look pretty or are shiny or whatever.
During the day I’m sure I say the phrase “I want _____” at least 10 times. Yesterday I wanted the following when I was at work:
– The gray UGG boots a student was wearing, they had some sort of pattern on them and it was adorable
– Pizza
– FroYo
– New dry shampoo and some tweezers from Ulta
– The cinnamon streusel bread at Costco. Yup, the loaf that costs $4.50. It is totally worth it.
– A pair of Boston Terrier socks that I saw online

I want some stupid things normally but today I have a serious want. I have seen this around a lot in the past few months; the new retirement savings guidelines.
savings-guidelines-900I am 33 currently and my retirement savings isn’t quite at the level that it should be by age 35, according to this. My retirement savings right now is probably the same as it was when I was 14. $0.00. I take that back, I haven’t been stockpiling money like I should, but luckily I have an employer that does some of this for me. Guaranteed it isn’t anywhere near 1 x my annual salary.

So, is it more important that I pay off debt before I stockpile for my retirement? Or do I try a little of both? I am horrible at trying to plan for the future when money is concerned. Where is Suze Orman when I need her?

Are you guys stockpiling for your retirement?
What do you want today?


  1. Pay off debt, then save for retirement. Check out
    Holly recently posted…Top Five Posts of 2014My Profile

  2. I’ve heard that its always best to pay off debt before any sort of savings. As long as you have outstanding debt the savings means little. Or so I’ve read. I also read that its easiest to take one piece of debt at a time, focus on it until its paid off and then move to the next. Like a small credit card balance or something. That way you get the satisfaction of paying it off. I don’t know. I’m not the best with money lol I do have a good retirement plan at work though so that’s a plus.
    Brandy recently posted…Running Costume- FigmentMy Profile

  3. Simple things… some warm (no, hot!) running gloves!
    Lisa recently posted…Bonding with my YakTraxMy Profile

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