Friday Wants – January 23

Happy Friday everyone! It is going to be a nice weekend because I don’t have to work at all. There can be some great work events on the weekends, but sitting around in my pajamas or having my long run is much preferred. I know that some people really like a weekend packed with activities and places to go and people to see. I like to do those things, just not every single weekend.

I am bringing back my Friday Wants because everyone needs things, but these are simply wants.

Short, but not too short, running tights
Sounds simple enough, right? Wrong. The companies that make short running tights do a fantastic job, but they are just too short for me. I hate it when my ankles are out in the open during a run, in any kind of winter weather. And regular running tights are just too long for me. They tend to bunch up at my knees and I am constantly hiking them up during runs. You would think that someone just under 5’1″ would fit into short pants just fine…no. This also happens with jeans. I have a pair of short jeans but after a few washes, they are at least an inch too short. BUT, I’ll make note that the regular length jeans were down to my toes. Oy, I will never win this battle.
I feel like Goldilocks and the three pairs of running tights. I want one that is juuuuuuuust right. For now, I just wish and want.

I want people to stop complaining about winter weather
I live in Northwest Ohio and *news flash* it gets cold here in the winter. Sometimes it gets so cold your pipes freeze, you can’t go outside for more than a few minutes without risking damage to your skin and you can throw water in the air and it will freeze before it hits the ground. (Youtube that ish, it is awesome)
The way people complain around here, you’d think we just started getting snow last year. I don’t mind the statements about ‘wow, it’s snowing,’ or ‘it sure is cold out today.’ It’s the people that complain day in and day out. The fun part about our mega-snowy winter in 2014 included massive snow drifts. The one here is by my front door and, it may not look it, but it is over 4′ tall. Impressive, Mother Nature, well done.¬†2014-01-02 15.39.06

I want Bo to stop hogging my side of the bed
I love Bo more than life itself, but this dude needs to stop taking up way more room than he should have in the bed. Bo is definitely a cuddler and he likes to be touching me at all times, especially when he is sleeping. He is only 18 pounds and he takes up his fair share of space. One of his favorite spots to curl up is between my knees when I sleep on my stomach or side. Then it is so hard to move him when I want to turn over. Note to Bo: please stop.2014-08-09 23.06.53

I want to be able to wear a hat without getting hat hair
I have a few really cute winter hats that I can’t wear at all if I ever plan on taking it off that day. My hair is very impressionable, not like you can peer pressure it into anything you want, but if I put it in a ponytail it will immediately have an awkward crease in it and if I put a hat on, it immediately has impressions from the hat. The odd part about this, is that I can curl my hair and hair spray the guts out of it and the curls don’t stay. Either way, I want to be able to wear my cute hats.

I want to make certain things in my life a priority for 2015
My wants include financial priorities, personal priorities and fitness priorities. The one I am most excited about are blog priorities. I have some changes coming this year and I really am so excited about them. This is my first priority that I am taking on for 2015. I am starting one of my fitness priorities this month as well, training for my second marathon during the winter.
2015-01-19 10.54.25What are your wants on this Friday?

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