First Marathon Training Run = Completed

On Sunday I finally fit in the first training run for my second marathon. The Glass City Marathon is on April 26, 2015 and I feel like I am going to be ready to run the full this year.  I don’t run as often as most marathon training plans call for. I have to alter training plans to fit my schedule and to work around my 5-surgery knee. My knee calls all of the shots around here…and I let it. I have one or two weekday runs and then my long run on the weekend. If my knee allows, I have two runs during the week, if my knee is feeling assy, then one.

My first training run was only three miles. Yup, three whole miles. I haven’t run a single step since October 24 and I have to say that I am pretty damn pleased with how I did on Sunday. Sunday was 17 weeks until the Glass City Marathon. Most training plans call for an 18-week training plan…I like to live dangerously I guess.
Plus I was really lazy and didn’t run when I was supposed to.
I put together a training plan for Jeff and I think that I may have him training for the Owens Corning Half Marathon right now! I would love to have another long distance runner in the house. It was around 30* when I set foot out the door and it gave me a great excuse to wear my new ear warmer hat thingy. It is also obvious here that I don’t own a hairbrush or feel the need to care about my appearance in any way.


I always forget how much I love my Mizuno Wave Paradox shoes. Mizuno has let me try their Wave Sayonara and Wave Rider 18 running shoes and I loved them both so much that I invested in the Wave Paradox.


Jeff set the route and we headed the half-mile down the street to the park to run the track there. The gravel track is semi-interesting to me, but I much prefer road running with varied routes for each run. The teeny path below isn’t the track, it is the teeny path to get to the track from the school parking lot.


Jeff is faster than I am, so we didn’t run ‘together’ but we did run together for what its worth. I was feeling good at the halfway point of the run, pretty happy that I hadn’t collapsed since I hadn’t run in a few months. For those who don’t come around here often, I wear a gaiter over my face while I run so my lungs don’t feel the shock of the cold air. I find that I breathe MUCH easier through the gaiter than I do without it. I used to have exercise induced asthma and this always helped my lungs. I haven’t had any asthma symptoms in over two years, but I find that it helps me in the colder weather anyways. I also feel like a badass ninja warrior with my gaiter on.


I saw a beautiful sunset in the park that made the run there worth it even though I hate running on tracks.
DSC08845A lot of people would be embarrassed by such a ‘slow’ run, but I am overjoyed beyond belief about my minutes per mile. I ran at a 12:02 pace, which is right when I ran in October. I am seriously pleased by this!! I used to run in the 14 minute per mile range when I first started, just for some frame of reference.

A few months ago I was having shortness of breathe and a little chest pain. I went to my cardiologist and they said it must be my lungs. I went to my family doctor and she said it must be my heart. I went to a pulmonologist and he said it was my heart. OH MY GOODNESS. I had test after test after test to see why I was so short of breathe without any exertion at all. After I had a cardiopulmonary echocardiogram (a test where I wear a mask, chest electrodes and ride a weighted bike) they came to a conclusion…that my heart ‘becomes highly inefficient when my heart rate goes up.’ And, really, I already knew that. I have a mitral valve prolapse with regurgitation. With the regurgitation, the blood flows the wrong way through my heart because the valve doesn’t close properly. The blood that flows the wrong way causes my heart to have to pump hard. When I run, or exercise in general, I get extremely short of breath because of this blood flow issue. During the test, we could all tell the exact moment when my heart felt overwhelmed. I started loudly gasping for my breath, I got extremely dizzy, I was having issues all over the place.
Anyways, with the test they found out something I already knew, and have known for years. But, turns out my regurgitation has gotten worse this year. When your pulmonologist tells you that you should be very careful when your heart rate gets high, you tend to listen.

With all of that being said…I run.
Running is still on my ‘ok to do’ list and until it isn’t, I run.

I run slowly. I walk when my heart rate gets too high and I get dizzy. I try my best. I hope to inspire others with medical issues to get off the couch and lace up their shoes.
And the running bug has bitten me again. I can’t wait to get out again this week!


  1. Girl – be careful! Can you do your marathon with run/walk intervals, to make sure you don’t get too dizzy??

    I’m certainly excited for you that you’ve been able to start up marathon training at the same pace you left off! I really want to try and go for my first marathon this year, but have to wait for this back to heal up. April is way too soon for me to think about one, but I’ll be cheering you on!

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