An Early Christmas Gift to the Monsters

Jeff and I spent around 16 hours in the basement this past weekend. We cleaned, we organized and we painted. We painted so much that my hand is still cramping.
These pictures speak to how much work we accomplished.

The sitting area BEFORE:
2014-12-17 16.56.12

The sitting area AFTER:
2014-12-21 20.10.35

The TV corner BEFORE:
2014-12-17 16.56.26

The TV corner AFTER:
2014-12-21 20.10.53

Shelving area BEFORE:
2014-12-17 16.56.40

Shelving area AFTER:
2014-12-21 20.11.11

Entry area BEFORE:
2014-12-17 16.56.52

Entry area AFTER:
2014-12-21 20.11.35

The basement remodel was part of the monster’s Christmas gifts. We also hooked up cable in the basement for them. This will make the basement SO much more invitingĀ and thus making it easier to send them down there to play.
The best part of this whole thing…the faces that the monsters made when they saw it:

2014-12-22 17.53.05 2014-12-22 17.53.07

Worth it. Totally worth it.


  1. Jennifer Pug Pug says:

    Aw! That’s awesome! It looks great and obviously, they love it already! Enjoy!

  2. The basement came out great and the look on their faces is worth all

    that time and energy. Good job!

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