2014. Well that’s overwith.

I can’t even tell you one outstanding, amazing, over the moon thing that I did in 2014.

Not one.

I ran the Owens Corning Half Marathon in April. That was my eighth half. I think that was one of my more memorable moments.

So, I think that I would like to make 2015 memorable somehow.
*I would like to be happy more often.
*I would like to keep off the weight that I worked my ass off to lose (literally).
*I would like to get a better handle on some of my bipolar symptoms and also bipolar triggers.
*I would like to run more. I am planning my second marathon on April 26, 2015, the Glass City Marathon.
*I would like to really help the Glass City Marathon by being a fantastic ambassador to help promote the race.
*I want to have more pride. I want to think better of myself.
*I want to learn to accept a compliment, also to give compliments more often.
*I want to spend more time making Bo happy. More often than I would like I come home and couch my night away. I should come home and play with Bo or take him on a walk when the weather is nice. I have a life outside the house and he doesn’t. I need to make his life inside the house fun and stimulating for him.
*I want to allow myself to stumble and even fall at times. I need this. I hold myself to a high standard and I have a hard time letting go of things or accepting less than what I think I should have or do.


My list of wants and needs will change by the day. As of now, these are the things I am thinking of.
Bring it 2015.


  1. Girl, I think all the weight you loss was a HUGE thing you did in 2014! That’s bad ass and I hope you give yourself more credit for it!! 😀

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