The Best of Intentions

Intentions are a funny thing.  I intend on doing a lot of things. I just tend to not get around to some of them.

Like painting the basement. Or replacing light bulbs. Or workout according to my schedule.
Oh well.

I intend to get Bo out for more walks and I have done a decent job of that…in the last two days I am two for two!
Tuesday night Bo took me for a pull around the neighborhood. He is 19# of pure muscle and when he pulls it is full force every time, he is strong! He yanks me around a lot. We went for a 1.5 mile walk I think, but with the 75* weather he was pretty beat when we got home. I have been wearing my Puma Mobium shoes when I walk or do anything outside the house and they are seriously getting more and more comfortable every time I wear them.


Last night was kind of a hot mess really. I didn’t even think about the temp being over 80* and my sweet little Bo doing poorly in the hot weather…I am such a horrible dog mom. We got ready like normal and probably ran .3 miles when he started to pant like crazy. THEN I remembered that it was hot and we shouldn’t run. Duh. So we walked and had a nice time, but when we got home he had a steady pant going for over 30 minutes. He finally cooled himself down and my heart was happy again.
On another note, my Iris’s are finally blooming!!! There are at least 15 other buds ready to pop, but these ones are so beautiful!

image (1)

I fully intend to walk Bo every day through the weekend…but we’ll see what happens. Life always gets in the way somehow.


  1. Ahhh, I’m loaded with good intentions. They sit on a shelf.

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