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When I started running in late 2010 and when I was getting more serious about running in early 2011 I always checked out information from the Toledo Roadrunners Club. I didn’t join right away because I wasn’t a ‘real runner.’ I thought that only the ‘good’ runners were members and took part in the runs.

Little did I know that I am a real runner and I am a good runner too! As soon as I had a few races under my belt I joined TRRC and I felt like I was part of the Toledo running community. I loved it!  I still do. I have been a member every year since.

They send a monthly newsletter with tips, race information and results and a lot of race flyers. I love the race flyers, this allows me to plan races months in advance! I also love to read the profiles of the TRRC members. When I helped to start the Medical Mutual Glass City Marathon Ambassador program I was asked to give some information for the profile below. I knew the profile was going to be in the April issue but it was still an exciting time for me.

Sure, it is just some words I wrote showing up in a local newsletter…to some. For me it is a way to get some information out about what the slow runner is like. I do pride myself on being a slow runner. I run and I feel that running slowly is better than couching. I have had some amazing, AMAZING responses from my profile from the running community. A lot of ‘middle of the pack’ runners even agreed that they feel the way I do at times. I have actually had an elite runner or two let me know how wonderful it is that I have a voice about slow running. Wow.

So read it and let me know what you think! (to make it bigger click once, then click it again)

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  1. That’s awesome, Amanda!! You are an inspirational person! Congrats

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