Resolution Check and Upcoming Travel

Last year Jeff and I took a few small weekend vacations. I wouldn’t call them vacations really, I’d call them trips.

We visited Las Vegas in January 2013 and Windsor, Canada in August 2013 for our anniversary. The last vacation we took together was to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic in June of 2012. The last time we took the monsters on vacation was spring of 2012.

Bottom line = we are due.

For Christmas we surprised the monsters with a trip to Florida this spring. On this trip we’ll be taking them to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. This is the highlight of our trip. And I am more excited than anyone in the family I think. The rest of the trip will be relaxing on the beach or at my moms pool. We are all very excited, especially with the extreme cold we have experienced this winter.

For Jeff’s milestone birthday this year I ‘surprised’ him with a trip to Cancun, Mexico. It doesn’t have to be Cancun, it can be anywhere really, as long as it fits in the allotted funds I set aside for the trip. I didn’t want to spring it on him that OMG WE ARE LEAVING FOR CANCUN TOMORROW MORNING SURPRISE DROP EVERYTHING YOU WERE GOING TO DO THIS WEEK HURRY UP AND PACK AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH. What if he had appointments and couldn’t cancel them? Eh, so I told him early so he could plan with me. Good choice I think. We are pretty pumped about that as well!

It isn’t a shock that I am not necessarily at swim suit weight. I can rock it now, I know that. But I would like to tone up a few areas before this happens. So I have some time to work on myself. How am I going to do it? I am going to keep myself accountable! I have such a hard time with this. I have a few ideas on today’s Fitmark blog on how to keep up with your 2014 Goals/Resolutions. Now is about the time when people forget or give up all together on their goals for the year. I need to remember, as well as everyone else, that every day is a new opportunity to get it right!

Jeff and I are both working towards looking better in our vacation gear…too bad Girl Scout cookies will arrive soon.

When was your last vacation? Where did you go?


  1. Our last vacation was November 2013, when we took our family cruise. It was the first & only “big” vacation we’ve taken that’s been just the 4 of us. Russ & I have never been on a kid-less vacation/trip/anything. I’m so ready to go somewhere, anywhere…whether it be just the 2 of us or all 4 of us!

    • Oh yeah! You did go on the cruise, it was over Caleb’s birthday, right?
      And WHAT!?! You’ve never had a kid-less vacation since the kids have been around!
      Wow, I would go nuts.

      • Yep, over his 10th birthday. Nope, we’ve never done anything kid-less minus about 10 dates (in the 10 years we’ve had kids)…it’s just how it is for us with no family around. So I’m serious when I say that my kids are my life ALL.THE.TIME 😉

  2. We had a few small trips last year, but this year will be a whirlwind. We have three out of state trips scheduled within FOUR weeks! It was just the way the chips fell this year. One trip to California for The Boss to attend a YouTube conference, one family reunion to celebrate my grandparents’ 60th anniversary and then a family trip to Utah. I’m tired just thinking about it all, but I can’t wait.
    All will be with our youngest, but our oldest is an adult, so he probably won’t make all three, you know, jobs and such. I haven’t had a kid free trip in I don’t know how long. 🙂

  3. We went to Atlantis for Christmas–just the two of us. We went there for our honeymoon and loved it so much (we aren’t into resorts, but that place is freaking awesome) that we had to return sooner than later. We go to Las Vegas every Thanksgiving and do lots of road trips throughout the summer to visit amusement parks, which is more of our “thing.”

    Last Christmas we went to Orlando and visited Universal and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I have never read any of the books and I have only seen the first movie (in German) so I am by no means a Harry Potter fan, but that place is freaking AWESOME. You will likely wait a long time to get into that area of the park because it’s where everyone wants to be, but it is absolutely worth it. If you want a super goosebump-and-chills-in-awe moment, wait until it’s dark to go into The Wizarding World. Seriously. The Forbidden Journey is the BEST dark ride I’ve ever been on and Butter Beer is so naughty and delicious.

    • I have heard it is FUN at Atlantis. What do you do there?
      I am geeked to go to Harry Potter, I am that nerd who is in love with the books/movies. We are trying to get our plan of attack all set for that day so we don’t have to wait around too long.

  4. We went to the Harry Potter park last summer. My advice is to get there before the gates open. We did and we just walked into that place like we owned it. It sucked getting up so early after being at the parks all day, but it was so worth it. It was a fun trip. I am leaving for a ski trip out west in 11 days to Utah. Can’t wait! Seriously, I do love the snow and am ready for some fun on the slopes. Sorry Toledo, I can proudly say this winter rocked! 🙂
    Oh, and go to Olivanders Wand shop first – it has a crazy long line. If you buy a wand, they can hold it for you at the front of the park so you don’t have to carry it around.

    • Haha, I have done SOSOSOSO much research on all of this. And from what I have read it is all exactly what you have said here!
      My mom lives 2H away from Orlando, so we are leaving 2.5-3 hours before the park opens. This way we can have the bathroom break on the drive, park, yada yada and then get in line before they open. I read to go to Olivander’s first as you suggested and then to hit the Flight of the Hippogriff. That way we don’t get stuck in those lines.
      How much are the wands??
      Both kids want one of course and then if they are reasonable enough I’m getting one!!

      I don’t mind the snow in Toledo really, I don’t mind the cold really, I just hate when it is an inconvenience.

      • The wands are approximately an arm and a leg… $20 I think. I didn’t think I would ever spend $20 on a stick, but we did, and the kids love them 🙂 On the plus side, they are very solid, great craftsmanship.
        I did curse the snow on my long run on Sunday though… 18 miles in it really sucked. If it’s the same next weekend I’ll hit the treadmill instead. And then look at the snow while I drink hot chocolate!

  5. You know… you are more correct. I think they are closer to $35. Maybe 32? 20 was probably the price of Butter Beer! 😉 Actually, the butter beer price wasn’t too bad… if you share. See, I’ve already repressed all of the overpriced spending out of my memory! That’s a good thing.

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