Winner Winner…

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Winner Winner of my Medical Mutual Glass City Marathon Entries!

One of the huge perks of my Ambassador role with this fine race is that I am gifted with two entries to giveaway.

I have my two winners! Two people who are getting FREE entry into the race of their choice (no relay)!

The first number I pulled was…


Number 1…really, how rare is it that number 1 comes up? ¬†Okay, obviously it is a 1 in 60 chance, but it doesn’t ever seem to pop up much. The funny thing about this winner is that it is one of my oldest friends, Michele! Michele ran my very first half marathon (Glass City) and my very first marathon (Glass City). She is such an amazing running buddy to run as SLOW as I do, just to keep me company and give me moral support. She said she would run the full marathon this year.

The second number I pulled was…


My second Medical Mutual Glass City Marathon free entry winner is Patrick Bruen! Patrick was going to run the full last year but developed plantar fasciitis and had to back out he said. He will run the full this year and it will be his first.

I wish I had entries to give away for everyone who entered my giveaway but that isn’t possible. I thank you all for entering and if you are still interested in running the Medical Mutual Glass City Marathon sign up now! ¬†Especially for the half, it is already about 60% full and it is almost guaranteed to sell out!


  1. Lucky ducks! Congrats!

  2. Patrick Bruen says:

    This is awesome, I’m very excited! Thank you

  3. Congratulations to the winners.

    I have to say, I’m bummed out that I didn’t win… Not that I expected to, just disappointed because I really wanted to.

  4. Thank you! Very excited.

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