Hangover Classic 5K

Happy New Year! Yesterday I ran my third consecutive Hangover Classic 5K. In 2012 I was starting my second year of running and was probably at the top of my running game. In 2013 I was just coming off of my 5th knee surgery so I was taking it slow. I like that this is one of the few races that I stick to running every year.

Last year the temperature was 25* and a 13* wind chill temp. This year was a bit colder even. Bet your ass I stayed inside the building until the last minute possible before the race began. photo

The field was smaller than last year I think, but I think the 2-3″ of snow we had gotten the night before may have played a part in that. At least last year the streets were totally clear because the snow came a few days before the race.

Per my norm, I lined up at the tail end of the pack. I like to start out and find my pace without having anyone behind me that I have to worry about – well I do this at the small, local races. Big races I just try and hold my own! This race is run in a small town in NW Ohio with a fair amount of country roads. You have to come prepared for the conditions. I wore a base-layer, mid-layer half zip and the outer-layer jacket, all along with my running tights. Gloves, a hat and my gaiter were necessities as well given the temps. I was warm enough, but on the return portion of the out and back course the wind was blowing in my face and my legs were getting chilly.


If anyone ever wanted to know what winter in Ohio looked like, then here is your chance. We didn’t get much snow, but it was plenty to blow around on these country roads.

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It looks like I am all alone but there are other runners behind my big head. Even so, look how barren everything looks covered in snow. And take a look at my eyebrows – they are covered in ice/snow. Just another winter run around here, during most of my winter runs I come in with ice on my eye brows, too.
???????????????????????????????The race itself was good. It is a standard out and back course that I have run quite a few times, so I knew what I was getting into. It is always well organized and there are cookies and bananas available as well. I did run a little faster than I did in 2013, even with the snowy, slick conditions so I’m taking that as a win. Not my slowest 5K but definitely not my fastest. I always take it easy when the conditions aren’t ideal for running, I’m okay with a few extra minutes.


I don’t know about other runners, but I always feel like a total bad ass when I run in the snow, ice and freezing winter temperatures. A lot of people look at the temp or the weather and decide that they would rather not run. Well, honestly I think that too, but the difference is I do get out there and run. That is what makes me feel like a bad ass – doing what a lot of other people choose not to.

All in all – a great 5k to start my year!


  1. TechChick says:

    Fun! I’m glad you posted some pictures because I wondered how this race went. I live less than a mile from this race, but I opted to run on my treadmill and watch the Rose Parade instead 🙂 I know, pretty lame. The registration form for this race has been sitting on my table for several months now, but none of my family members were into it that day, so I passed on it too. Running in the snow definitely makes you bad ass!! Congrats to you for getting out there!

    • You should have gone! Hell, I paid $1 for it so I could have skipped it and felt okay with it but then I remembered that I can’t let a little snow/cold keep me from training. I am anti-treadmill because my pace changes so much when I run.
      Carah said she would run it with me and when I woke her up in the morning she said she was too tired, so my buddy skipped!

  2. Hangover classic. I love it!

  3. Nice job! I love the photos. It’s like completely OHIO IN WINTER.

  4. Yes. White death over here!

  5. I, too, feel like a bad as when I’m out in the cold. It gets just as cold here in the mornings, we just don’t get the precipitation so the roads are almost always clear. Those photos remind me of what I like least about nw Ohio

  6. (I should be more clear… I dislike the snow and slush and ice)

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